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  1. ghopper

    What's the fastest speed you've traveled in a car?

    just a bit over 230mph in my bugatti veyron at some nevada desert strip.
  2. ghopper

    Small DSLR (Nikon D50 or D40?)

    This Leica D-LUX 3 is a gem. Should be perfect for you.
  3. ghopper

    Auditioned some cameras today...

    The D80 is worth every penny. But don't buy from Circuit City. They are rip offs there. Buy from BestBuy: more honest, less hassles when you have a problem, better service, etc. The 18-135 is very sharp and fast. Though I feel it is a bit fragile and cheap, especially the extended part. The...
  4. ghopper

    I Cant Choose a Camera!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Hermitt I love my Zuiko 50mm/f2.0 macro lens that I picked up for $500 $500??? Is it really that good? That's a lot of money to pay for a prime lens that only stops down to f/2. The super sharp Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 can be had for around 100. And even...
  5. ghopper

    Small DSLR (Nikon D50 or D40?)

    The D40 would be a downgrade for you, as the Canon G6 is a pretty high end point-and-shoot model. D40 has only 3 AF areas and can't do many things a true DSLR should. The D50 is pretty decent for a beginner photographer. I used to use one before I moved on to the D80. However, DSLRs are in no...
  6. ghopper

    I Cant Choose a Camera!!!

    Because the 30D came out, the 20D body is fairly cheap now. My friend got the 20D + the 17-40 f/4 for about the same price as my D80 + 18-135. It's very solid. The body and the lens are made in Japan and not in Thailand, like my Nikon. 5fps is more than enough for any beginner. If you want to...
  7. ghopper

    Post your Photography Here!

    Impressive collection of images and cameras, stuartr. I would love to try out a leica one day.
  8. ghopper

    Post your Photography Here!

    These are my pictures from my photoblog Show with either D80 or D50. D50 pictures are shot with either 28-80 or 70-300. both crappy lenses but did their jobs. The following are shot with the D80 with the 18-135. Sharp lens but feels fragile and cheap.
  9. ghopper

    Music that makes you cry pt.?

    Quote: Originally Posted by xenithon The Schindler's List soundtrack...especially the track (cannot remember the name) with just the choir of children singing. First shivers, then goosepimples, then very often some tears. I get goosepimples a lot when i listen to it. Very...
  10. ghopper

    Calling digital camera experts!

    the new nikon d80 lets you crop pictures inside the camera, and has filter effects, red eye and what not. very nice camera that i would get if i have the money.
  11. ghopper


    all the technical stuffs mentioned are useless unless one can compose the picture. the angle from which the picture is taken, the steadiness of the camera while the shutter is open, etc. people need to start including the feet of people when taking pictures of them. just take a step back and...
  12. ghopper

    A message for the newbies

    yeah sticky this. great idea to start a thread like this facelvega. i'm kinda annoyed at new members coming in and keep asking for recommendations like "closed portable under $100" when the answer is so readily available if one just use the search function. if this thread does become a sticky...
  13. ghopper

    Thinking of buying my first good's and cons?

    i think 800 dollars is wayyy overkill, especially for your age.
  14. ghopper

    UM1 Cord

    those white lines are negative signs. they indicate which wire is the negative one.
  15. ghopper

    How did your ipod or HDD player die? How old was it?

    3g 40gb ipod. this thing is built like a tank. probably the most durable generation because apple started to cut prices and therefore material quality. i dropped mine at least 5 times. never skipped. i even opened it up a couple of times. the battery lasts about 4-5 hours but that's all i really...
  16. ghopper


    DON'T BUY IT! SCAM. a few years ago fox channel did a hidden camera bust of a man selling ipods (still shrink wrapped) at ridiculous prices on new york streets. the report bought one, took it to the next street, opened it up and it was a brick inside. shrink wraps are very easy to get, and can...
  17. ghopper

    The Definitive 'Must-Have' Hip Hop Albums

    i don't think fort minor can match the talents of all the other artists named here. the album's good, but certainly not a must-have IMO.
  18. ghopper

    Ultimate Ears 2 Earphones

    still no comparison of the to the cx300. I wouldn't be surprised if they're very similar, since they're both bass heavy. Heck, they could be using the same driver.
  19. ghopper

    AKG K81DJ and ATH-ES7

    yes i like the warm sound of the es7 very much. it works very well with the female vocals and jazz music. but there are so much praises for the k81dj that i'm curious how they compare.
  20. ghopper

    AKG K81DJ and ATH-ES7

    I'm very interested in how the AKG fare against the ES7, which is more than twice as expensive. They're similar in size, both superaural, closed, etc. Anyone that has heard both can care to comment? I'm interested in the soundstage, isolation, high mid bass, etc. Thanks.
  21. ghopper

    Now that all the hatings done ...who's getting iGrado's

    Quote: Originally Posted by shawntp I guess I am just excited about these because I cycle on average about an hour a day but currently have no on-th-go rig other than a Shuffle and buds. Being a grado fan these look perfect for my specific needs given I don't have any sub $100...
  22. ghopper

    Unnecesarily Loud Sounds

    the overly loud music was the main reason why i didn't enjoy the blue man group as much as i should. it was a wonderfully entertaining show, but i just couldn't stand the banging drums and what not. i watched it twice and got headaches both times.
  23. ghopper

    What is the Saddest song ever written?

    Remembrances from Schindler's List soundtrack. Itzhak Perlman's violin playing is truely remarkable.
  24. ghopper

    Modified EC7 GM

    you practially defeated the whole purpose of these clip-ons you could've saved yourself at least 30 bucks by buying the CM7's instead.
  25. ghopper

    What is this that I have found?

    you can try asking the people that threw out the Fisher and see if they know anything about it.