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  1. Craigster75

    In a zombie apocalypse, which headphone would you take with you and which would make the most effective weapon?

    The concept of this thread is inspired by The Walking Dead as I just watched last Sunday's premier and am a huge fan.   My one headphone for listening, assuming I had a way to charge my player, would be the Ultrasone Signature DJ- great sound, durable and closed to isolate groans of the undead...
  2. Craigster75

    NAD Viso HP50 : Another superb headphone from Paul Barton?

    Based on the available info from CES 2013, The NAD Viso HP50 is the new headphone introduction that I am most anticipating from the brief product description link below.  While the flood of new headphone introductions from respected names in audio has been hit or miss over the past year, Paul...
  3. Craigster75

    Detail Monsters in the $250 to $500 range

    Now that I have found my "fun" headphone for portable use after a 6 month search, I am interested in a headphone with a very different signature- one that focuses on detailed, transparent vocals.  I had a taste of this with the Denon D600 which I though was a standout related to detail, but...
  4. Craigster75

    What new headphones are you most anticipating?

    With the Sennheiser Amperior finally here, the V-Moda M-100 slated to arrive in the next month or so and the launch of several new product lines from Denon coming, 2012 is shaping up as an exciting year in the headphone community.  For me, the aforementioned brands are the ones I find most...
  5. Craigster75

    What is your favorite portable on-the-go compact amp setup?

    I really enjoy my FiiO E11 and appreciate the impact on the volume and clarity of my headphones that I was able to gain from a modest investment, particularly the bass enhancement.  Since many of us listen to music on the go more than at home, I thought it would be good to discuss portable...