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  1. puppet

    what does aux mean?

    someone told me to connect speakers to and aux.
  2. puppet

    what does the DC IN 4.5v mean on my Cd player?

    its on my sony PCDP. What is the use for it.
  3. puppet

    sence u helped me out with the z560s i thought i`d post a good deal for u audiophiles I think thats a great $500 setup for anyone, wanting a HT setup, Go get one.
  4. puppet

    how are the Z560s, I`m a Bass head. So i like alot of bass.

    i found them for $115 and i want to know if theres anything better for the same price. Absolulty nothing not even a dollar more over $140
  5. puppet

    how punchy of bass would i get if i played a rap song on a PCDP with MegaBass on high

    if i put in some rap song with alot of bass in some PCDP with the MegaBass on all the way up while using some senn px100`s or shure E2c`s, will my phones be punching like crazy.
  6. puppet

    what is the purpose of an amp and what does it do.

    i have no clue why someone needs one, or what it is.
  7. puppet

    does an mp3 player have much adnantage over a cd/mp3 player?

    because i got an Iriver IFP 380T and I can get a Sony D-NE300 for $60, now i feel i wasted my money and should have gotten the cd player so i can just burn cd`s. also, I noticed the Sony D-NE300 can get 90 songs on one cd at 256kb/s. Are those Atrack songs less quallity then mp3`s...
  8. puppet

    Need a PCDP (All the info you need inside)

    Stuff that i want -punchy bass, the player will be used with the Shure E2c, and Senn PX100. -overal good sound quallity not just the bass -Not a requirement by far, but it would be nice if it looked somewhat cool, basically all sonys look good. -it should have an lcd screen with...
  9. puppet

    Are there any new cd players comming out before christmas

    because i`m going going to get one for christmas probably that sony Dn300 or whatever its called.
  10. puppet

    My PCDP is made by Classic.

    does anyone know of theer cd player and how they compare to the D-NE300 . I`ve been thinking about getting a new PCDP, i dont know if mine is crap or not, because i havent compared them to others.
  11. puppet

    i have been recomended the Sony D-NE300, how is the bass

    i already have an mp3 player, right now all i care about is sound quallity, mainly the bass. My mp3 player doesnt have any bass, so i want a cd player with killer bass, Help me out, is this what i should get.
  12. puppet

    how is the Sony D-E350

    does it have good bass, and how is it overall. I`m pairing it up with my Shure E2
  13. puppet

    I need a PCDP, mine is crap.

    I`m getting some E2`s and obviosly i want a good player to go with it. Nothing over $75, i probably get one for christmas.
  14. puppet

    wheres the search function

    it was here awhile ago now its gone. is it just me.
  15. puppet

    are the px100`s good for heavy metal?

    i ordered the px100`s, because they looked like the best portables out there.I Listen too heavy metal, did i choose the wrong headphones. my budget was $45