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  1. DAhn626

    Which IEMs have a 2-pin connector?

    Hi everyone, I purchased CustomArt's ei.3s and now the cable has gotten pretty badly tangled up. I need to get me some new ones and I have my eyes on these The only issue is...
  2. DAhn626

    Budget pairing for CIEM Customart ei.3

    Hi all,   I'm still fairly new (and broke) to the audio world, but decided to purchase customart's ei.3. I was wondering what would be the best budget setup (< $100) for the best listening experience.    Just so you know I'm not coming here without doing my homework, I've searched the...
  3. DAhn626

    Klipsch RP-3 repair

    Hi everyone,   I recently picked up a pair of Klipsch rp-3's for fairly cheap ( but it looks like the tweeter is blown on one of the speakers. Could anyone give pointer in terms of how to go about repairing it? Is it even possible?   ...
  4. DAhn626

    Should I buy JBL 4400's?

    I found a seller willing to part with his JBL 4400's with the following description:   Solid wood JBL 4410 This is a legend speakers/monitors (one driver busted and need a new foam/rubber ring, the other one still good, I think one tweeter is busted too, but will double check, but both...