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  1. Hifi Man

    Headphones that isolate well around the 100-200+ dollar range?

    So, I live in a pretty crowded neighborhood. I don't usually take my headphones outside with me that much because all the cars and traffic and stuff ruins the immersion of whatever music I'm listening to. So I'm clearly looking for something that isolates well from sound, that's my number one...
  2. Hifi Man

    Static electricity is trying to destroy my headphones

    So I was laying on my floor reading my kindle, listening to steve roach, when I was trying to reach something that was a bit out of reach. So I slid on my stomach to get it, but the static electricity fried my headphones. I thought they were busted, sound only came in through one side, unless I...
  3. Hifi Man

    Headphones with good isolation with the sound quality of sennheiser 650?

    I think I have some idea of what I want. I am willing to sacrifice mobility for something I can't carry around with me. I have a magni 2 to power it.   I am just looking for something that sounds really good, which also blocks outside sound, like the people who are always walking around above...
  4. Hifi Man

    How do you define which headphones are most "genre specific"?

    Something that often comes up when I'm trying to decide on what headphones to order. I want to the v-moda m-100 right now. I often get the question when I ask what headphones I want to order "what genre of music do you like". I honestly hate this question, because I don't limit myself to just...
  5. Hifi Man

    Which replacement cable is best for my Sennheiser Momentum?

    So my cable broke recently on my Sennheiser Momentum headphones. Although I don't really like the headphones and I want to upgrade soon, I don't feel like returning the headphones for half the money I paid for them a year ago. I dunno if I should get the fabric cable or the other cable. My...
  6. Hifi Man

    Is there anything that holds over 160 gigs?

    I'm looking to upgrade from my iPod classic 160 gig
  7. Hifi Man

    best headphone amp for the sennheiser hd600 or hifiman he400?

    I'm looking for a pare of dac and amps for under 300 dollars and I hope that these will work well enough for these headphones. Will they?
  8. Hifi Man

    Bose AE2 Appreciation thread

    I give these headphones 5 fricken stars. I have used and adored the Bose AE2 headphones for years. When I say I've used them for years, I mean I've really USED them. I have no doubt that I've used these headphones for thousands of hours. They work for everything. I fall asleep with them on every...
  9. Hifi Man

    I don't understand the sennheiser momentum headphones

    I got these headphones with the idea that they were going to be great all around headphones. These were supposed to be the upgrade to my bose headphones; my smelly, 1000s of hours of use, beat up pieces of junk. So now that I'm actually using these, what the hell is the hype all about? They...
  10. Hifi Man

    Sennheiser Momentum vs V-Moda M-100

    I purchased the Sennheiser Momentum headphones after being disappointed with the Sennheiser Amperior headphones. While these headphones are nice, I don't think they're everything I'm looking for. I'm curious about the  V-moda M-100, because apparently it has better build quality like the...
  11. Hifi Man

    Should I get the sennheiser momentums?

    I recently returned the sennheiser amperior headphones because they were too congested, didn't have enough instrument separation, were too uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time (read my review here and...
  12. Hifi Man

    What does it means when people say a headphone is 'not good' for a genre of music?

    Please help me understand what people mean when they say a headphone is 'not good' for a specific genre of music. I'm told the Sennheiser Momentum wouldn't be good for metal music, but relative to what? would the sound alright compared to headphones of a lower cost like my Bose AE2?
  13. Hifi Man

    Sennheiser Amperior review/thoughts

    I've owned the Sennheiser Amperior for about a month and a half. I got these headphones for 175 dollars used, and I don't feel they're worth the money for me.Before I begin, I'd like to start off by saying some positive things so I don't come off as just bashing these things. I think they're...
  14. Hifi Man

    Should I upgrade from the Amperior to Sennheiser Momentum?

    So I have about 10 days left in my 2 month time frame to return the Sennheiser Amperiors to VMinnovations. I can either return them for a full refund in store credit and pay for the Momentums for 245 dollars (I originally paid 175 for  the amperior). I want to decide if it would be a huge...
  15. Hifi Man

    Creative Aurvana Live! vs CitiScape Uptown vs Sennheiser Amperior

    so I current have the amperior and I use them pretty much non stop. I think the sound is good, however they pinch. How much of a step down in quality would something like the CAL be or Cityscape Uptown? I'm trying to consider other portable headphone options to take with me places. I am kind of...
  16. Hifi Man

    Keeping and returning or selling headphones. Your opinions please

    I currently have the AKG K240 and the Sennheiser HD 558 and the Grado sr80i and the Sennheiser amperior. I feel like I don't really need all these headphones, and I find it kind of hard to tell the difference between the Sennheiser HD 558 and the AKG K240. I do think the Grado has a pretty...
  17. Hifi Man

    AKG K550 vs Sennheiser HD598 vs AKG q701

    Hello. I'm busy trying to decide which headphone is the best option for me. I prefer to carry around full size headphones around my house, but they never leave the house. Therefor isolation is not objective. I listen to a variety of genres, but at the far right end of the spectrum, I listen to...
  18. Hifi Man

    Having a big dilemma in finding headphones. Don't know which ones to get.

    I'm having a problem with what I think are the so called "Scooped mids" in my AKG K240 headphones. They lack detail in some areas like fast and loud music. Things tend to sound distant, like I was in the back of the audience listening to a rock concert. I have to EQ the treble up and it still...
  19. Hifi Man

    At what point do headphones become too nice for MP3 and no DAC?

    I noticed that most people with nice headphones have some sort of digital to audio converter and amplifier and claim to use FLAC files. Personally, I just listen to MP3 and use a portable amp for my AKG K240, or just use my Sony V6 straight out of my iPod. Would it defeat the purpose of nice...
  20. Hifi Man

    Audiotechnica ath m50?

    So I had a chance to talk to the people on the board /g/ who basically said the akg k550 doesn't sound good, and I should get the audiotechnica m50s because they have a warm sound signature that I like compared to my AKG K240, but they're also isolating, which the akg k550s aren't. I...
  21. Hifi Man

    Does the HD25-1 ii have less treble than the amperior?

    My problem with the amperior is it made all the black metal I listen to sound like butt because the treble was too strong and veiled a lot of other things. So I returned them and got the AKG K240. I'm just curious to know, would the HD-25 be better than the amperior for black metal and death...
  22. Hifi Man

    AKG K240 impressions

    The AKG K240 isn't necessarily my first step into higher quality headphones. I did order them as a badly needed upgrade to my Bose AE2 headphones. However I've owned a pair of Hifi Man HE-400 headphones a few months ago. I sent them back because I couldn't appreciate the quality and wanted to...
  23. Hifi Man

    Did I get the best headphones for the money? (AKG K240)

    I got the AKG K240 for about 77 dollars and have been doing all but sleeping with them on, wearing them constantly. I'm just curious to know if I wanted to step it up with quality, what headphones should I be looking at if I could spend under 200 dollars? I listen to mainly shoegaze and metal...
  24. Hifi Man

    Ordered a Sony V6 to detach the coiled cable and replace with straight one. Any advice?

    My headphones will be arriving in a couple days. My dad is going to help me reattach the wire. we're going to use an extension cable. He and I have never done this with headphones before. Any advice before starting the procedure? The headphones will be arriving on the 14th according to amazon.
  25. Hifi Man

    Does the shure 440 need an amp for iPod use?

    So I think I've found a decent headphone for portable use. I can't seem to get any suggestions for a better portable pare, and this one seems to meet all my criteria, which is around ear, straight cable, closed. Also it has a nice removable cable and folds. I was thinking about using it to take...