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  1. windrider

    considering a balanced setup for hd600 or hd650

    After some research, am i right to say that the headroom balanced desktop amp + dac option is the cheapest balanced setup i can get? I am curious as to how it would compare to a Lavry da10 used both as a dac and amp. If the da10 comes really close, i might consider buying that first, then...
  2. windrider

    MAD EAR+, Cayin Ha-1a or little dot MKIV?

    Supposing i could get any of them for around the same price, which would be the best match for senn hd600? using zero dac as source (opa627). Interested in making the hd600s slightly (just slightly) warmer maybe, and most importantly smoother mids and treble. Tighter and punchier bass won't...
  3. windrider

    HD600 or speakers? (Aego M)

    I am on the verge of pulling the trigger on a pair of hd600s, I know i will love them and i will be very happy with how they sound, even if its just out of the Zero dac/amp. However i can get Aego M speakers for a rather good price (much cheaper) and i heard they are great for music, and are...
  4. windrider

    RE1 just arrived: impressions

    After listening to them for 1-2 hours now comparing them with my SA6(bass=/treble=), this is what i think. unamped out of ipod classic: RE1 - has bigger and better soundstage than SA6 (more 3D sounding) - has much better bass, both in quantity and impact/punch/definition/audibility than...
  5. windrider

    Is it just me or does the hd650 sound very similar to cx300? Amused.

    Of course hd650 sounds much better in many aspects but the sound signature, as well as how some instruments/vocals sound for these two are surprisingly similar to me. Anyone ever thought of the same thing? Or maybe its just me.
  6. windrider

    New sennheiser IEMs: any info on them?

    If i'm not wrong senn recently released new IEM earphones named CX 300. Anyone has any info on them (how they sound, price etc). Are they OEMs of some other brand of earphones (sharp MD33 anyone?) or are they a new product by sennheiser themselves?
  7. windrider

    SR60 to HD555: worth upgrading?

    Hi all, i'm still a newbie when it comes to headphones. Sometime ago i bought a set of panasonic hje50s which showed me how much i was missing from my music by using bass bloated muddy sony earbuds. Then the right speaker of my computer speaker system went dead, and out of some impulse and...
  8. windrider

    Radioshack foamies

    Hi all, this is my first post here, i come from singapore and i'd really like to get the radioshack foamies for my mx500, but i have no idea where to buy them here in singapore. Radioshack doesnt ship to singapore so i cant buy directly from them, and its also kinda expensive to pay for...