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  1. Sludig

    UM Merlin, Dream Earz AUD-5x or 1964 Ears V8

    I´m thinking about to get my first pair of custom IEM, but there are so many options! I want an IEM with good bass (quality and quantity), but also as detailed as possible into $700-800 price range. After reading a lot, finalist are UM Merlin, Dream Earz AUD-7x and recently launched 1964 Ears...
  2. Sludig

    CIEMs that measured than LCD2??

    Keep in mind that my favorite headphone is Audeze LCD2, I´m looking for a good pair of CIEMs. I had read about Spiral Ears SE5, Frogbeats C4, ACS T1 live!, Starkey SA-43 which reviews say are similar to LCD2, but I don´t find measurements from all of them to compare. I´d like people can help...
  3. Sludig

    Recomended gain for O2 with Audeze LCD-2

    I´m looking for a good amp for my LCD-2 and I don´t want to spent a lot, so I´m thinking to purchase an O2 amp which many people have on pair with this audeze with very positive results.   But I have a question about the need of power for this headphones, and I don´t know what could be the...
  4. Sludig

    Sony MDR-EX1000 or Earsonics SM3

    Hi!   I´m reading about Sony MDR-EX1000 and SM3, wich are some of the best earphones at this moment. If you have tried both of them, I want to ask what do you think about this: Sony MDR-EX1000 or Earsonics SM3?   Also, if you have tried the Sony MDR-EX600, do you think that they are...
  5. Sludig

    Octavart, Musiland or Yulong for Denon d2000

    Hello, I´m looking for non portable a Dac/amp for iRiver h120 with denon d2000 and after reading many post this are my options: Octavart-01 headphone amplifier, Musiland m10 and Yulong DAH1. What do you believe is the best option in SQ? If there are others options please tell me. Thank you.
  6. Sludig

    Futuresonics atrio m5/m8 vs Sennheiser cx500

    Hello, sorry for my english: Sennheiser cx500 for 93$ and Futuresonics atrio m8 for 162$?? and if is posible why. Thanks..