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  1. coolcat

    where to find 4 pin connectors for UM Mason 3

    Lately I've got the UM Mason 3 and I really like these iems.I've tried to find the UM 4 pin connectors, to make my own custom cable for awhile, but havent found anything. Someone please help tell me where I can buy these. Thank you in advanced
  2. coolcat

    Question about SAA Endorphine for LCD2 and HD800

    My situation is now Like this. I have a SAA endorphine cable for LCD2 and the combination sounds great. I've heard before that the SAA endorphine match well with the HD800 too. Instead of buying new cable for HD800 ,my freind tell me he has a way to this make this one cable useful for both...
  3. coolcat

    Whipmod+Whiplod reference vs Ipod Classic+ Algorithm Solo : which should I choose

    Now I have a little doubt in my mind. I am now owning Whipmod+whiplod reference and Twagged JH13.Now Algorithm solo is coming,and the DAC unit in Solo should be superior to the Ipod. I am really happy with my current setup,but I still have some doubts,if I should sell my whipmod setup to buy...
  4. coolcat

    TF10 (+mid driver) remold vs JH5 pro

    hi there Help me make a decision ? I now own the TF10 (+mid driver),which I bought two weeks ago.Because I love the sound of the Tf10 pro,I did buy these from a guy,that means now I have to send them to UM to remold.  There will be no problem,unless today I have tried the JH5 pro. I felt...
  5. coolcat

    help me my ATH AD2000 left driver defect

    my friends and I agree that the Sound from the Right side is lounder than the Left side. I went to the local store in thailand and asked them to repair it.They said there is no way.I have to buy the ad2000 ,which have the same problem in order to get the driver or email to ATH to buy  a...
  6. coolcat

    Can tube amp turn DT880 into RS1( for rock and indy)?

    I find that I just simply donn't like DT880 sound signature for Rock and Indy.Maybe because I like the Grados sound and I think they are total different(for example RS1 and DT880). Most of all the DT880's lovers here have suggested tube amps. But I doubt ,that how much changes can an amp bring...
  7. coolcat

    I like my AD700 but it's time to upgrade. Help me find cans

    I love the sound of AD700 but I think it lacks bass. My question is which Can has the similar sound ,sound stage but more bass. I have 500 $ to pay for the Upgrade help me find one. another point: I already tried HD650(I had it for a short time),K701,RS1 ,HF1 and I now own DT880(2005).And...