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  1. zzllloz

    Portable headphones for under 200$ for general use

    any suggestions ? These are a few models that looked good -Focal Spirit one -audio technica ath es700 -Sony MDR-1R -JVC HA S500 -not yet released JVC HA-SZ2000/1000     the headphones will be used outside so no open headphones Thank you in advance
  2. zzllloz

    Iems under 200$ (Vsonic GR01 / 07 mk2 vs SONY MDR-EX600 vs rock it sounds r-50 vs Audio-Technica ATH-CKM99)

     (Vsonic GR01 / GR07 mk2 vs SONY MDR-EX600 vs Rock It Sounds R-50 vs Audio-Technica ATH-CKM99) which one has the best sound quality? for : Hip hop , rap , electronic , rock... i am using the Sansa clip+   Thanks in advance
  3. zzllloz

    (Asus STX) vs (Asus DX + SCHIIT Magni)

    (Asus STX) vs (Asus DX + SCHIIT Magni)   Headphone i am using :DT880 250ohms   Thanks in Advance