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  1. b0klau

    cheap lod work with itouch 3G?

    I found this cheap lod on ebay and was wondering if anyone had experience with this lod, and if it works with my ipod touch 3G. apparently apple changed the pin connectors, so it does not work with older lods.  ...
  2. b0klau

    tube magic d1 with dt880s?

    im very interested in getting the dt880s as they seem to have the right sound signature for me. Would they go well with the tube magic d1? this amp is right up in my price range, and has all the features i would ever want. I've heard that the dt880s go good with tubes so would this do the job...
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  4. b0klau

    uDAC to uDAC2... worth the upgrade?

    the title says it all. Just wondering if there are any big changes in sound quality between the two, and if really is worth the 65 bucks, as I'm short on money right now. My uDAC is paired with m50s, if anyone wanted to know. Thanks in advance
  5. b0klau

    help me convert my green day loving friend!!!

    so i recently became an audiophile (or wannabe audio buff). as anyone, i look out for my friends, and one of mine had stuck with the apple ibuds for a long time, and he seemed frustrated with them, but he never bothered to get a better pair of phones. so i let him try my m50s one day, and he was...
  6. b0klau

    Audio Technica AT-PHA30i as a LOD

    Im new to head-fi so bare with the newbie. Sorry if there's already a thread on this. my friend came over with his ibasso d4. so we got down to business listening to each other's setups and experimenting with different cables. So we finally decided to try using the at-pha30i portable amp from AT...