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  1. Shizelbs

    Easy computer question

    I hate to admit it, but I don't know the answer to my question. What can be done to diagnose failing hardware in a computer. Is there any software you can use to diagnose? Do I need to take it into a shop? Here is my specific problem... My computer is about 4.5 years old. It periodically...
  2. Shizelbs

    Appropriate Master Chief pic

    Audio and video games. This picture pretty much sums up my existance. Just thought I would share it with the community.
  3. Shizelbs

    So, I had a big setback

    When I my house was being built, I snuck in the night that insulation was installed and before drywall was put up. I drilled two holes through the floor between the studs in the walls where I would eventually run speaker cables for the surround channels for my HT setup. So last weekend, my...
  4. Shizelbs

    We are planning a family, need your help!

    My wife and I are thinking about trying for a child, our first, and I need your help suggesting what toys I need to stock up on, for me, before my fun money is cut off. I'll still have plenty of money for the small things like cables, CDs, DVDs, new 360 games, stuff like that, but big toys are...