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  1. jelt2359

    Warbler Audio's Prelude CIEM- a labour of love

    Normally, when one picks up the phone at 3am, it’s an emergency. Unless the twin towers have been attacked again, or someone’s in a life-and-death situation, you jolly well wait until morning. The mad scientists at Warbler, though, live on 3am calls to each other. I don’t know about you, but in...
  2. jelt2359

    Sing Song, Play Mahjong! Meetup in the Little Red Dot (Singapore)- April 12, 2015

    What better way to spend a sleepy Sunday afternoon than to locate a suitably deserted coffeehouse (yes, they exist!), and meet up with some friends?   As we say in Singapore, NPNT (No Pictures No Talk), so here we go...   The Appetisers: Amps, DACs and DAPs   The Main Course: IEM...
  3. jelt2359

    Clear Tune Monitors CT-6E Elite Flagship Thread

    Setting up a new thread for the Clear Tune Monitors CT-6E Elite. It's their new flagship. I loved their previous products, and have a CT-6E on order. Anyone else had a chance to try them or ordered them?
  4. jelt2359

    Unique Melody Mason- new 12 driver flagship

    Just saw this has been launched! Here's a shootout between the UM Mason and UM Mentor on
  5. jelt2359

    Hifiman HM901S New Flagship DAP

    More details to come. Second oscillator, gapless playback, 2 second startup, 24 bit playback, including ALAC and DSD, improved wheel... ESS9018x2, and amp with OPA627x2, OPA2107x2.
  6. jelt2359

    Hifiman HE1000 Planar Dynamic Headphone

    Price now announced at $2999. Price now announced at $2999. speedracer1's chat with Fang: Impressions: (cradon, earlier prototype) (vs F1j amp, and vs modded he6)...
  7. jelt2359

    New Hifiman Flagship (together with Unique Melody): RE1000

    Recommended price RMB 3999, which is about 650 USD. More details to follow....   That picture says dual dynamic drivers custom IEM.  
  8. jelt2359

    A Trip Down Memory Lane: IEM Reload Thread

    I got this idea off of Toucharcade, where they have an ongoing series called 'RPG reload'- every week, they play a legendary RPG that came out years ago, just to relive the magic of old.   The idea for the IEM reload is to dust off your 'retired' gear of old- the gear that you used to love...
  9. jelt2359

    71 IEM Brief Review thread (incl. Rhine Monitors, Cleartune, CustomArt)

    Scores to Date- Click to read review. If unclickable, the review is on this post. (Scroll down!)   The Best (9.6 and above) Earwerkz Legend R: 9.7 (Comparisons with the NT6 here, under the NT6 impressions) Noble K10: 9.7 CustomArt Harmony 8/8 Pro: 9.7 JH13/16 FP: 9.7 Hidition NT6/6 Pro...
  10. jelt2359

    Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

    Could only find an announcement thread, and since they're here in my hands and I appreciate them, therefore this thread.   Driving them from the headphone out of my HM801 (GAME card), I immediately hear the bass I've been hoping for. It extends very deep, and is extremely punchy in a way my...
  11. jelt2359

    Is Hifiman HM801 sufficient as a desktop DAC? Thinking abt Meier StageDAC or Audio-Gd DAC19

    Hi Y'all,   I'm using my Hifiman HM801 as a desktop DAC via its line-out. I love that I can play music off its SD card.   However, with my amps I've found a great value-for-money improvement with going desktop instead of portable. Should I do this with my HM801? I'm looking at...
  12. jelt2359

    TTVJ Millett Portable Hybrid = Awesome

    I can't figure out why all the other threads on this are in the 'fullsize amp' category. This thing is so small! Certainly smaller than my iQube, and thinner than my D10. Anyway, just got it to use with my JH13s. The synergy is amazing. It is so soft and seductive. It sucked me into the...
  13. jelt2359

    IBasso D10 vs IQube?

    Anyone had the chance to compare the D10 to the IQube V2? I'm looking for a portable DAC/Amp to feed my JH's..