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  1. nangryo

    Asking for street price of xin amp

    I'm sorry if this is the right place/section or not, but I have a mint condition of Dr Xin Supermini Amp ver 6.0 Someone is offering me to buy it, but I don't know about the street price right now, considering the amp is rare. He offer me 500USD to buy it. Should I accept it or not? thx
  2. nangryo

    Teclast T51 Spare parts?

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place   I'm currently have a Teclast T51, but it suffers form touchscreen failure. Everthing runs fine. It could boot up and the scrren is normal. Just the touchscreen is non functioning. Does anyone has a link to the spare part for it or maybe have a dead T51...
  3. nangryo

    Aiwa HP-D9 , I need help! (Chinese Language expert is needed!)

    I'd like to buy one of these. These are rare yes, but there are a site that sell these. Unfortunately, the site is in in chinese language. So, Anyone can help me here I'm really appreciate. Thx. Oh yes, the shop site is They sell it in $59 but I don't know how...