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  1. Ozric

    Quality EQ apps for ipod/iphone/ipad

    The update works great, but I find the new UI unintuitive and quite frankly in need of a complete redesign to make the various disjointed looking elements more uniform. I don't understand why it was necessary to have the music pause when you tap on the cover art?
  2. Ozric

    Quality EQ apps for ipod/iphone/ipad

    Could anyone comment on whether Equalizer (audioforge's app) supports retina display resolution? The screenshots in the itunes appstore appear to be low-res (i.e. visible pixels in the text used in within the app).   Thanks.
  3. Ozric

    Oh no! My Grado HF-2s falling apart

    Quote: Originally Posted by tomb Plastic is still not in favor for musical instruments. Yeah but there's a huge difference between having a solidbody electric guitar, for example, where the entire slab of wood that is the body and also the wooden neck and fingerboard are what...
  4. Ozric

    Do you care about lyrics?

    Quote: Originally Posted by appophylite I grew up in a family where the predominant choices of music played around the house were Marathi and Hindi, and this was before I was taught either language so I learned to appreciate the instrumentals and treat the vocals as just another...
  5. Ozric

    Recommendation for Indian music

    OK. I gave you a couple Indian Classical suggestions (other artistes of note: Kishori Amonkar, Amjad Al Khan, Zakir Hussain). A few recommendations in other genres: MIDIval PunditZ (Electronica / Indian flavored Asian Massive sounds) Raghu Dixit Project (Earthy, folksy Indian flavored...
  6. Ozric

    Recommendation for Indian music

    This is like asking a recommendation for "American music" The styles of music originating from the subcontinent are so incredibly diverse, ranging from the sublime (Hindustani classical) to the kitschy (bad Bollywood remixes). Anyway a good place to start is with Shiv Kumar Sharma...
  7. Ozric

    Suggestions for energetic acoustic guitar songs?

    Friday Night in San Francisco with Al DiMeola, John Williams and Paco De Lucia. You might check out Al Di Meola's solo releases too.
  8. Ozric

    Any Zune owners out there?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nicolas2305 You can also force the sleep mode while holding the play button but I think it is common knowledge and I'm writing this down for absolutely nothing... Down + back shuts off the Zune completely, it doesn't put it into sleep mode. After it...
  9. Ozric

    Natural tranquilizers

    I have a degree in Western Medicine, and am studying Ayurveda (traditional medicine of India). I know there's so many opinions and suggestions expressed already, but here is a holistic long-term regimen for you: Do a full body massage every day with warm organic sesame oil or a special...
  10. Ozric

    iPod 7G: 120gb only

    double post
  11. Ozric

    iPod 7G: 120gb only

    Quote: Originally Posted by G-man And I really can not beleive that apple did 120gb just to compete with MS, as the logistics just do not make sense. I didn't imply that. All I meant was that the 80 GB Zune could still have been offered at a more attractive pricepoint, since...
  12. Ozric

    Press Release from Microsoft on Zune Update 9/16

    There's been no word on EQ. In other words, not this time, it appears. More new features have been revealed on this site.
  13. Ozric

    iPod 7G: 120gb only

    Interesting, because Microsoft has launched the 120 GB Zune and has discontinued the 80 as well. Can't understand the logic.
  14. Ozric

    iBasso D3 Python

    I see they got rid of the "turn volume knob this way" graphics
  15. Ozric

    Drummer beats Elvis and Lennon

    Quote: Originally Posted by scompton I don't know how every one on the list died, but at least one other died of natural causes. Bob Marley died of cancer. I know that a couple at least died in accidents. OK, and Marley. In any case, death at 36 is still tragic. And oh, accidents...
  16. Ozric

    Shure e3c for $100. Good deal?

    I personally wouldn't recommend the Shure E3 for the kind of music you listen to. I used to own a pair, before I moved onto the E4 and later Westone UM2, and you will find the bass quite lacking. For $100 you could do a lot better. In fact, if IEMs are not a must, I'd recommend the inexpensive...
  17. Ozric

    Just Really Beautiful Music

    All psybient (no vocals). Supremely relaxing and blissful Shulman: In Search of a Meaningful Moment Younger Brother: A Flock of Bleeps Bluetech : Sines and Singularities Entheogenic: Entheogenic
  18. Ozric

    Ive officially been Shpongled upside the head:

    Quote: Originally Posted by GreatDane I'm also into this type of music. Shpongle & Infected Mushroom are some of my favorite groups. Give Ozric Tentacles a try. Ozrics rock Spirals in Hyperspace is one of best produced and recorded space-rock albums I have heard. Just...
  19. Ozric

    Looking for a music player

    I have an old iAudio U3, and it is surprisingly good in the recording department. I use it weekly, and the mic, though tiny, has impressive range and sensitivity. The iAudio 7 should perform quite similarly, or better, since it's the next generation after the U3. I think as long as you sit up...
  20. Ozric

    Best sounding flash player, price no issue

    Quote: Originally Posted by geekchic Off topic - but apart from IPod classic, has any company released any hard drive DAP currently? I assume that they are all getting phased out. Creative at least has announced that all future models will be flash. Microsoft's second generation...
  21. Ozric

    UPDATED with POLL: BLACK or CLEAR Westone UM2 Which one? HMMMMMM??

    The blacks don't have a glossy finish like the Shure SE530s do - it's a cheapish looking dull matte black plastic. Which is why I got the clear UM2s. But either way, the ergonomics of the UM2s are unmatched or a universal fit IEM. Edit: Here is a picture of the black UM2s.
  22. Ozric

    Go-VIBE Petite with DAC: too little power?

    Yeah, considering that the default factory gain is 9 (high), and the Denons are low impedance, I doubt you should have trouble driving them. Did you check the foobar volume as suggested?
  23. Ozric

    Portable amp for UM2

    I use the UM2 + Petite combo. Sounds sweet, and an added bonus is that you also get a USB DAC, for under $200. In any case, I think benefits of amping the headphone out will be marginal. With my Zune, I don't bother using an amp for this reason. Keeps things minimalistic.
  24. Ozric

    Portable Lossless - Support for WMA Lossless

    I use a Zune 80, and transcoded all my FLAC files to WMA lossless to use on the player. The Zune doesn't have a true line-out, so amping it is kinda silly, but IMO the headphone out is plenty good. I prefer keeping my portable rig minimalist: Zune 80 -> Westone UM2 / KSC35.
  25. Ozric

    In-ear monitors for electric bass?

    Westone UM2s because the bass response is warm yet tight, and the build quality (Made in USA!) and comfort is great. Love the cable, too. All at a price which won't break the bank.