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    Alessandro MS1 recabled with 75 ohm cable. Any problems?

    Hello, I just got my Alessandro MS1 back from a recable. The tech installed the Mogami 2947 coaxial cable, which is rated at 75 ohms. I am not very educated in sound science, so I do not know if this matching is right. The MS1 is 32 ohms. Thank you all in advance!
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    Should I exchange my ATH-ESW9s for a Dunu Titan 5?

    Guys, should I exchange my ATH-ESW9s (used) for a pair of mint-condition Dunu Titan5 s? I like my ESW9s, but someone offered me a mint-condition Dunu Titan 5 in exchange for it. I like IEMs. Should I do it? Cheers!
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    Need advice: Headphones for gaming, movies and bassy music

    Hello head-fiers! I am going to the USA in a few months, so I will take the opportunity and get a new pair of headphones. I currently own a Grado SR325is, and it is my only headphone (ditched away my DT990 Pro, as I couldn't stand the treble). I simply love the Grados so much for the genres I...
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    Old threads' links are wrong!

    Guys, I've noticed this more than 10 times since I started reading Head-Fi. Some old posts containing links are dizzy: the links point to different things. Here is an example: I'm sure Kramer didn't want anyone to think about cheeses...
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    Walkman Cellphones vs Walkman Players

    Guys, I currently own a 5.5gen iPod and a Sony Walkman w580i cellphone, which I never used as a mp3 player because I have only 512mb of memory on it, currently. But in curiosity, I put some albums in, and it sounded way better than my iPod... clearer, and with a sweet sweet bass that made my...
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    Top 10 MP3 Players (SQ ONLY)

    EDIT: This thread now is more than just a discussion about the ranking. Seems like it's covering all about Sound Quality on DAPs. Feel free to discuss everything about it. Hi! This ranking was released on the french website 12 baladeurs MP3 classés suivant leur...
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    Zune (2gen) vs iPod (5.5gen)

    Hello all I'm reading some reviews, but people speak mostly about design and screens, and forget about SQ, what Head.Fi loves most. I currently own a 80 gig 5.5 iPod, and i'm not very satisfied with the sound quality (mainly bass control). How would it perform against the 80 gig Zune? I know...
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    G'n'R and Metallica: Triple.Fi or SE530?

    Helloes! I will purchase one of those two IEMs, and I've read enough comparations thread to know that one is better for a kind of music and vice versa... Since I listen to lots of different kinds, I still can't decide! So, I'm making a water-drop here: Which one will sound better with...
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    Best unamped cans around $200

    Helloes. I've made a thread before, but this one is more specific... I simply want to know the best cans I can get around $200, maybe a little more (or less?). As a source, I've got an X-Fi XtremeMusic and an iPod 5.5gen, no amps. Simply as that. Musical taste is varied, but mainly hard rock...
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    UE Super.Fi 5 PRO Vs. Sony MDR-EX90

    Hello Head-fiers. I've always read the threads here, and I enjoy this forum a lot! I currently own a pair of Sony's EX90 and use them with my 80gb 5.5g iPod. Im planning to purchase a pair of UE's Super.Fi 5 Pro and I would like to know how better they are comparing to the EX90s, in most...