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  1. Mhog55

    HEX V1 vs HEX V2 Tunings

    Hoping someone can explain the tuning differences between the Edition X original, and the Edition X V2.... If there are any. It's a headphone I've wanted to try for many years, just never got around to it. Any info would be most appreciated.
  2. Mhog55

    Elex and Magni questions

    Does anyone own / owned both of these headphones? I've been contemplating if I want to give the Elex a try, but I have some concerns. More like one specific concern. I previously owned a Magni, and I thoroughly enjoyed it for the most part. The problem was that I found it too forward and...
  3. Mhog55

    E-mu Teak compared to tr-x00 Ebony

    I've owned the Teaks. I enjoyed them for the most part, but I felt they were lacking sub bass. From the mid bass on up, I liked what I was hearing. Aside from the low end, which I've been told is greater in quantity with the Ebony, are there many other differences between the two? Are the mids...
  4. Mhog55

    Tighter fit full size cans

    What are some of the more clampy headphones you're familiar with? I might be an oddball, but I prefer some tighter clamp, such as the Sennheiser 600 series. I have a tendency to rock out pretty hard at times, and I can't do a loose fit that wants to slide and wiggle, or potentially fall off.
  5. Mhog55

    Best value Sennheiser 600 series balanced cable?

    Looking for a 4.4mm balanced cable at or around 100 bucks. Lots of different cables available, so curious to hear what you think the best bang for buck might be. I had a budget end Arctic Cables for my 660s, but it was just okay. Stiff and a bit unruly. After a manageable 4-5 footer that doesn't...
  6. Mhog55

    Sivga P2 vs Sendy Aiva (Sound)

    Are there any noticeable sonic differences between these two headphones? Also, is the Sendy as easy to drive as the Sivga? Any comments would be appreciated.
  7. Mhog55

    Warmest, darkest Focal set?

    This is one brand I haven't tried yet. Primarily because reviews seem to be all over the place. Which headphone would we say is more musical yet engaging? Which one for hard rock, and more so some fairly poor recordings?
  8. Mhog55

    Hiby R6 Pro vs Shanling M6 Pro

    Time to upgrade from my R5. The ESS chips in the R6 Pro concern me a little. The ESS equipped devices I've had in the past wasn't really my type of sound. I prefer a smooth, warm, organic and velvet like sound. The ESS stuff I've had I found a bit too analytical, edgy and harsh around the edges...
  9. Mhog55

    Hiby R5 vs Shanling M6 Pro

    I'm fairly confident that the M6 Pro will outshine the R5 in overall sonic performance, but just how much? It's double the price, and I just want to be certain it will be a worthy upgrade before pulling the trigger. Can anyone talk about the noticeable differences they're hearing between the...
  10. Mhog55

    Oriolus ba300s question

    Are there 3 versions of this tube amp now. The original version had the two 4.4mm ports on separate sides, and the 2020 version has the ports right next to each other, plus it has USB type C. And then there is the Japan issue, which comes with a high end connection cable. Are there any other...
  11. Mhog55

    T5p 2nd - Holographic 3D 🤔??

    Nearly every review I've read mentions a 3D holographic sound. What exactly does this mean? I've heard quite a few people state that they have a chambered hallway echo effect... An artificial character. This is the only thing that's keeping me from sourcing them. I'd appreciate some feedback...
  12. Mhog55

    Lightweight, Dynamic, Open Back Recs?

    Suggestions for a full size, light weight, dynamic driver open back can... Aside from Sennheiser. For reference, my favorite open back I own is the 58X. No recessed mids - I like some weight and forwardness here, but nothing overbearing. A little extra low end is nice, so long as it's not loose...
  13. Mhog55

    6XX vs 58X contrasts

    It's been quite some time since I last heard the 650. I thoroughly enjoy my 58X, but would possibly consider adding the 6XX to the stable. Wondering what the main differences are between the two. For what it's worth, I owned the 660s, and prefer the 58X. I appreciate the little bit of coloration...
  14. Mhog55

    Silly firmware update question

    If one installs the latest firmware available on their dap, does the update include all of the changes from the previous updates as well? Or do you have to install every firmware update?
  15. Mhog55

    Japanese Remasters

    Just curious about people's thoughts regarding Japanese remastered CDs. I have quite a few - most being 80s rock and hair metal bands that mostly got recognized in Japan. I just picked up the Bon Jovi discography, as well as the DIO Japanese paper back series. The DIO stuff is definitely bass...
  16. Mhog55

    Which of these 3 - best fit for needs

    I'm looking to purchase my 1st mid fi can, and finally ready to spend over my 350 dollar budget I set for myself. Looking for a closed back, and I've narrowed it down to these 3. Unfortunately, there is nowhere for me to demo any of them. My 2 main priorities - I'm after the one that's going to...
  17. Mhog55

    Favorite can for movies - only one

    As the title says, which can do you prefer most for watching shows and movies, and why? All price ranges welcome, however I'm in the 500 and under only club. I enjoyed the Phillips Fidelio X1 quite a bit, but eventually sold it. Haven't given it much thought since, but I watch a lot of shows and...
  18. Mhog55

    Cowen and JetEffect

    I'm looking to bring home a 2nd dap, and I'm really considering the R2. Is there a comprehensive tutorial (video, web article, etc.), that covers exactly how the JetEffect works? I'm all about simplicity, but people really seem to enjoy this feature. From what I've found, it seems like limitless...
  19. Mhog55

    Understanding output power?

    I'm a bit confused about differences between power output - mW vs. Vrms. For example, I'm looking at the Shanling M5s, and it lists the balanced power output at 300 mW. My current dap lists the balanced power output at 3.4 Vrms. Which is greater in this scenario? Is there some sort of way to...
  20. Mhog55

    Understanding output power

    I'm after a new dap, but I find the listed output power specs a little confusing. For example, I'm looking at the Shanling M5s. For balanced output power it lists 300 mW at 32 ohms. My current dap, the Opus#1s, lists the balanced power output at 3.4 vrms. Is there a simple way to convert these...
  21. Mhog55

    Msr7b!! Sony mdr-1am2??

    Looking for a 2nd can to keep things interesting at the gym. I enjoy the Msr7b quite a bit. Could do with a little more low end though. Everything else about it is money for listening on the move. For those who own both these cans, do you think I'd be happy with the Sony as a sidekick? I like...
  22. Mhog55

    Audio Technica recommendations

    I'm interested in one of their mid tier cans, just not sure which one. Something from the high fidelity lineup perhaps? I really dig my Msr7b, so I'd kinda like to find something with a similar sonic flavor, just a step or two up in all regards. It can be an old or new model, new or used. Most...
  23. Mhog55

    Audio Technica cable question

    Audio Technica headphones that use the a2dc connectors - Is there only one style/size of these a2dc connectors, or are there multiple? I have a headphone that uses this, and I'm interested in a few other AT cans, so I'm hoping they're universal. I'm only referring to headphones, not in ears.
  24. Mhog55

    Help with cable plug repair

    Can anyone point in the direction of who or where I can have this repaired? Snapped it while in the gym. Not to broken up about it, as I didn't like the heavy L jack anyways.
  25. Mhog55

    Best wireless cans you've heard?

    Is there anything out there that comes close to sounding like a good mid fi wired can?