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  1. Blotto80

    Halifax, NS Meetup 2019

    Anyone in Halifax, NS interested in getting together for a little meetup? I’d love to get together and share some listens.
  2. Blotto80

    It's a Sad Day

    Packing up my HD650s to ship them out for sale in the morning. I can't help but feel like I'm breaking up with a good friend.  It's weird, I'm constantly buying, selling, and upgrading my electronics and gadgets but I only ever feel an emotional attachment to speakers and headphones. Every time...
  3. Blotto80

    From IE7 to??

    I recently bought a pair of IE7s but when they showed up they were fakes. I'm kind of gun shy on trying for another pair with the high amount of counterfeit senns out there. Once I get my money back I'll have about $175 to spend was wondering what kind of comparable units fall into my price...
  4. Blotto80

    (Cheap) Amp for D2000?

    I'm looking for a cheap amp for my Denon AH-D2000. Right now it's running from the integrated amp in my X-Fi Forte and sounds good and the volume is fine but I find highs are a little harsh and figured I could warm them up with a tube amp. I do have a budget, I promised my wife no more gadgetry...