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  1. Ahmad313

    Tansio Mirai Impressions Thread

    @Dsnuts how you compare the Sands with Softear Volume ?
  2. Ahmad313

    Tansio Mirai Impressions Thread

    Excellent and very informative review as usual with some beautiful pics , How about the note weight and vocals , are these on the thiner side because of the bright nature of the Sands ?
  3. Ahmad313

    Linsoul x RAPTGO HOOK-X Giveaway & Other Results

    Very beautiful looking iem ,
  4. Ahmad313

    Meze Audio’s newest single-DD IEM - ADVAR

    Also the look is really beautiful , Waiting for sound impressions 😊
  5. Ahmad313

    IEM For Vocals

    Check this one ,
  6. Ahmad313

    Tansio Mirai Impressions Thread

    wow , the drivers count and configuration is just like Aladdin but more premium drivers , Have you audition these already ????
  7. Ahmad313

    iBasso IT07 IEM, 7 Drivers. Release: Mid. November 2020

    Very nice impressions , How about the soundstage between the two , which one has the most 3d/holographic soundstage ?
  8. Ahmad313

    Yanyin Discussion thread

    This will be a really interesting match up between the two 😊
  9. Ahmad313

    Yanyin Discussion thread

    What is your source dap/dac/amp ??? And how these babies sound straight out of a good smartphone like Galaxy S21 ?
  10. Ahmad313

    Softears - Discussion & Appreciation

    Yours impressions are really helpful to me , thank you very much ,,,
  11. Ahmad313

    Unique Melody MEXT Announcement and Impression Thread

    very nice collection bro ,,,
  12. Ahmad313

    The Toneking discussion lounge

    I think ( and maybe m wrong ) Toneking replace the SW3 with something new FLAME41 ,
  13. Ahmad313

    Reply to review by 'Ahmad313' on item 'DUNU ZEN PRO'

    @Scuba Devils Thank you very much for your time 😊
  14. Ahmad313

    Reply to review by 'Ahmad313' on item 'DUNU ZEN PRO'

    Excellent review , How you compare mids/vocals quality and positioning of FH9 vs ZEN PRO ?
  15. Ahmad313

    EarSonics Onyx

    Any comparison with FiiO FD7 and FH9 ?
  16. Ahmad313

    XENNS (previously known as Mangird) Impressions Thread

    Waiting for some impressions of Tea 2 and a comparison with original Tea ,
  17. Ahmad313

    Softears - Discussion & Appreciation

    How about the vocals quality and positioning ?
  18. Ahmad313

    bryaudioreviews' Database (IEMs/Earbuds/Headphones Reviews & Impressions, Ranking list, Music list)

    which iem has the full-bodied and slightly forward vocals ? Is this Autunm is best for long listening ( enjoying the music ) and watching movies ?
  19. Ahmad313

    Moondrop Kato vs Tanchjim Oxygen

    Which model has good quality mids/vocals with forwardness/note weight, and which model is more comfortable to wear , i heard the Hana has the same short nozzle as oxgn , is there any problem for deep insertion ????
  20. Ahmad313

    The PENON official thread

    Please share your impressions about the G4 effect on mids/vocals quality and positioning with Serial and H50 , With G4 cable which iem has more forward and thither/full bodied vocals , thanks .
  21. Ahmad313

    Oriveti OH300 + OH500 (3/5 driver hybrid IEM's) Thread

    Sorry , can't understand for which model you are talking about 🤔
  22. Ahmad313

    The Head-Fi Members' Poll for IEMs 2021

    I just want to know your opinion , Mofasest trio is better than EST50 ???
  23. Ahmad313

    ISN Earphones impression thread. New ISN H50!

    Please share your impressions about the mids/vocals on EST50 compared to the Globe and H50 , thanks ,