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  1. Seledor

    Feedback by 'Seledor' on listing 'Massdrop K7XX'

    Got headphone speedily. no problems. good seller
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    Feedback by 'Seledor' on listing 'Burson Soloist 3X w/ SparkOS OpAmps (SOLD)'

    Good seller, good communication, good Packaging, received item promptly and in good condition.
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    Feedback by 'Seledor' on listing 'Final Audio Sonorous III'

    Good seller, good communication, good Packaging, received item promptly and in good condition.
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    Feedback by 'Seledor' on listing 'Beyerdynamic T5p (2nd)'

    Good seller, good communication, good Packaging, received item promptly and in good condition.
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    Comment by 'Seledor' in item 'SIVGA SV021'

    Ive been thinking about getting this headphone. looks awesome. but the thing about these asian and Sivga headphones is they look good in the pictures, but when you get them they are very small. i dont want another pair of small headphone i have to cram my ears into like the 00's.
  6. Seledor

    HiFiMan Susvara

    I tried the Susvara on the Liquid Platinum amp with Siemens tubes tonight. I was surprised to fine it sound really quite good. Not as bright as the A90. and more headroom on the Volume, where I sometimes max out the A90 volume.
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    I finally decided to purchase a HD6XX. I bought this headphone cause I just keep hearing so much about it. It came in a nice case, which is more than I can say for the much more expensive HD600. The new much more expensive version I bought came in a cardboard box and plastic holder. Such a...
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    Little Dot GYFU Headphone

    Little Dot just came out with a new over ear headphone. The GYFU, seen here: Its a dual driver headphone with bass reflector. One of the drivers which fits right in the middle of the main drivers is a 8mm PEK driver shown here: Little Dot...
  9. Seledor

    Monoprice Monolith Liquid Platinum - By Alex Cavalli

    Wow those tubes are expensive. is there a version of it that isnt that expensive?
  10. Seledor

    BLON BL-30 Review, impressions and discussion thread

    Anyone find any Grado type open cell pads that work with these headphones? i dont mind glueing them on. I was thinking of getting those XL Brainwaves suede pads for these. I hate veil though. Any good...
  11. Seledor

    Best Audiophile Closed Over-ear Headphone with Good Bass (Around $1500) - Recommendation

    I hear the Fostex TH900 mk2 are really good for 1600$. closed back and great bass and treble. Fostex is the company that did the Drop Mahoganies, Ebonies and Purple Hearts that are critically acclaimed. If i had the money and wanted a closed back bassy headphone i'd get the TH900mk2.
  12. Seledor

    Amp/DAC to pair with the Samson sr850 headphones

    Whats your budget? Since your in italy can you get Schiit products there? if not you might want to check out Topping, IFI or SMSL
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    Best full size over ear around $500-600 (prefer used)

    The Aiva's are a really nice headphone. Since they go on sale often for 450$ i wouldnt buy them used for anything over 400$ And i think your current dac and amp are good. not sure how good Emotiva amp is for headphones. might want to get a Schiit headphone amp. the Asgard is pretty great from...
  14. Seledor

    Sub $1000 kings?

    Thats a big question lol. To help narrow it down what headphones do you already have? what do you like about them? what do you not like? would you like a bright/warm/dark heaphone? what kind of music do you listen to? do you like bass/midrange/treble? do you have a amp and DAC? For the record...
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    Neutral, Open Headphones between $1000-1500?

    Yeah a inferior DAC will effect a higher quality Amp and vis versa. Theres far more to an amp than THD and power. I went from a THX SP200 amp to the RNHP and the difference was surprising. The RNHP was a more colorfull, full and detailed than the SP200. If your gonna upgrade to that price range...
  16. Seledor

    Neutral, Open Headphones between $1000-1500?

    The most neutral headphone ive heard is the ZMF Auteur. Very nice and you could find it used for 1300-1400$ looks great too. I have the Arya and it does have a lot of treble. dont know if you could call it neutral. I hear the Aurorus headphones 900$ are very neutral and sound great. The Focal...
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    Best open back headphone mid-range/vocals under $450 that is not a Sennheiser

    Sundara is pretty great for vocals. Also the Audeze EL8 open is good for vocals.
  18. Seledor

    I'm looking for some new closed back headphones

    Unless you want to put some toilet paper in the cups the DT770's might have too much treble for you. The Nightowls are the opposite, a dark headphone. I have both these. and they are good but might not be what your looking for. I also have the Drop Meze 99 Noir which are very similar to the...