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  1. ronnielee54

    Ipod/Iphone/Itunes problems - Help Please

    For about a year I have been running Itunes libraries on two separate computers. I have been able to use my three Ipods with both libraries with no problems. Recently my wife and I both got Iphones. Ever since I hooked the Iphone to my desktop PC's Itunes to update the firmware, this library...
  2. ronnielee54

    The Sienfeld Complete Series 100 bucks today only (6/21)

    Best Buy has the Sienfeld Complete Series for 99.95 today only. I lucked out and got the last one at my local store. The offer is also good online but it is also for today only.
  3. ronnielee54

    Headphones in Nashville

    Anybody out there know any good shops in Nashville that carry a pretty decent selection of headphones. Heading that way soon.
  4. ronnielee54

    Where do I go from here?

    I am on the hunt for something new. Listen mostly to blues (75%) and classic rock (25%). I use a Headamp AE2 connected by a LOD to a 80gig Ipod Classic most of the time. These new cans might also see a little use on my vinyl rig. I do not use my computer as a source. Just give you an idea of...
  5. ronnielee54

    TULSA Headphones TULSA

    Does anyone know of any good stores in Tulsa to checkout headphones. Looking for variety. Hopefully something other than the typical box stores (BB, CC, RS)
  6. ronnielee54

    What has GRADO done to me?

    When I first joined this forum, I bought PX100's after the many praises. Was perfectly happy with them. After about 6 months I aquired ES7's. Loved them. Was finally able to find a pair of HD580's after months of searching and thought I was finally satisfied. Then one day on a whim, I traded an...
  7. ronnielee54

    Terms used on Head-fi

    I have come across a term on head-fi that I don't fully know the meaning of. Scaling. When it is used such as "HD580's scale nicely", what does it mean?
  8. ronnielee54

    Custom cable for HD580

    Anybody know of any Headfiers that build custom cables for a HD580? Am looking for another option besides Apuresound or Moonaudio. Love their work, but at this time they are out of my price range.
  9. ronnielee54

    Cruising the FS forums.

    How many members have cruised the FS forums just for grins and ended up buying. In the last 3 weeks I have ended up trading for a pair of MS1's and buying a pair of modded HD580's. Never intended to buy, just looking. Saw adds for HD580's, got the urge, missed out on 2 pairs, posted a WTB, and...
  10. ronnielee54

    HD580 - HD600

    I have been trying to score a pair of HD580's recently and have noticed that for the prices I have been receiving I can almost get a pair of HD600's. I found one pair for 210 with a Audigon rating of 8/10 and another pair for 250 with same rating plus a Red Clou cable upgrade. the plan is to...
  11. ronnielee54

    Ipod in the car

    Recently upgraded car stereo to Alpine CDA9885 so I could use my Ipod in the car. Original plan was to buy Nano and leave it in the car all the time, but have been reading on a few car audio forums that the new Ipods (Nano and Touch specifically) are having problems interfacing with pretty much...
  12. ronnielee54

    Help finding new portable cd player

    I am looking for a good quality portable cd player. Not concerned with tuner or built in eq or any other unimportant options. Just want something with a sturdy build and a really nice sq in the lineout.
  13. ronnielee54

    Screwing the amp builders??????

    Don't want to step on any toes here, but am starting to think.....What!!!!!! Does is it bother anybody else when they read comments like "because of their liberal return policy I am going to try one out" or "probably won't be keeping this, but will try it anyway because I can send it back and...
  14. ronnielee54

    Narrowed it down to AE2, Hornet "M", HR Micro

    Well I have almost decided on which amp. My question is new vs. used. How much does a person need to save in order to buy used? I understand sometimes we all will buy used if it is for something special that is no longer produced. But when it comes to buying non-modded, in production amps, where...
  15. ronnielee54

    A question please to RSA Hornet owners.

    I have searched the forum for an answer but have had no luck. I understand the difference between the Hornet and Hornet "M". Are the new Hornets all "M"'s or is that something requested when ordering? Was unable to find any mention on RSA website. Also, is the "M" model significantly improved...
  16. ronnielee54

    "URGENT" Hornet amp

    Noticed Hornet amp for sale. Could someone please give me a quick response. What is the difference between the modified Hornet and the Hornet. Thanks
  17. ronnielee54

    Help with Ipod hookup please.

    I have finaly come to the point where it is time for another upgrade to my at work rig which consists of a 5.5G Ipod 30 gig, iBasso P1, AT ES7's, and a Sendstation dock connected with the mini mini that came with the amp. This is a two part question so please bear with me. I am wondering if...
  18. ronnielee54

    Sound quality when ripping in Itunes

    I am switching to Ipod and was in procees re-ripping my CD'S. The original plan was to rip MP3 so I could have one library and have it avilable to new Ipod and Sansa E260 (Sansa will be portable with no amp). Currently ripping at 224 bitrate/44,000 sampling/stereo normal/high quality. I am...
  19. ronnielee54

    Please help SR80/MS1/hd595-555

    Just ordered iBasso P1 Saturday. Currently have Sandisk Sansa E270 w/ 2gb micro sd (note: I know their are better sources out there but I got Sansa cheap on black Friday and I am determined to get at least get a year out of it before I upgrade to better player). Currently using PX 100's but plan...
  20. ronnielee54

    Total bithead with Sansa e260

    Need some opinions here guys. Have read on other forums that the Sansa e200 series players will work on car stereos with usb connection by connecting the usb cable supplied with the Sansa. This sounds to me that this hookup would provide a lineout signal. First question is would it bypass the...