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  1. Ozric

    Zune screen cracked

    As part of the exercise in frustration that applying the Invisible Shield was, I ended up with a crack in the glass screen of my Zune 80 Apparently the Zune pad is somehow connected with the glass inside the case, because when I applied a little too much pressure on it to smooth out air...
  2. Ozric

    Strange problem: only foobar plays audio

    OK, so after scouring Google in vain, I thought I might try here about a strange problem which has cropped up. I'm using Win XP, and suddenly, no video file of any type, using any player will output sound anymore! Audio by itself works just fine using only foobar to play mp3, FLAC etc, but I...
  3. Ozric

    Awesome Europe cover band

    This band is awesome... Final Countdown
  4. Ozric

    Fell asleep at the wheel...

    Yeah, after a particularly stressful day, at a traffic light I was waiting behind this huge tanker, when I inadvertantly fell asleep and my foot slid of the brake. Only realized what had happened when i heard the sound of my hood scrape under the huge rear iron fender of the tanker. Crap, my...
  5. Ozric

    How to get your cat to exercise!

    I've seen some patents filed for ridiculous "inventions", but this takes the cake! All you need is a laser pointer...
  6. Ozric

    This is disturbing!

    I was alerted by a friend to this webpage which mentions not only my name but full address as well: At the risk of further loss of privacy, I though I would post this here to see if anyone has any suggestions/comments. Members who came over to my place...
  7. Ozric

    Happy Birthday, stuartr!

    Happy Birthday, Stuart! Hope you have a great day! - Vikram
  8. Ozric

    Arrghh...UPS moron!

    [begin rant]Well my SR-225s with flats arrived yesterday, but they're still not in my hands. Unfortunately it was a new UPS guy who didn't know the gate code and didn't bother buzzing the manager, with whom the usual UPS guy leaves all my packages. So, today I leave a post-it at my security gate...
  9. Ozric

    Phenomenal guitar player!

    Fans of great guitar playing, you have to check this out. It's hard trying to keep a straight face while watching this guy play, but boy, does he have the chops. He uses an eight-finger tapping style a la Stanley Jordan: You need a codec...
  10. Ozric

    MDR-V6 repair question

    I have a pair of Sony MDR-V6's and I managed to accidentally bend the mini plug and now it doesn't make decent contact anymore. I contacted Sony about having the plug replaced and they quoted $45 for the job, which is outrageous considering I bought the cans for $60. I searched the Sony website...