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  1. nsahoo

    Alternatives to ipod

    I have not been too happy with my zen micro. I got it because it can play subscription music and has a user replaceable battery, but, battery life does suck. I don't have numbers for it but definitely less than 3 hours of play. Even with car charger it needs recharging overnight periodically...
  2. nsahoo

    shure e3c or ety er6i?

    I tried er6i for an hour. They hurt so much to my ears that I returned them to the next morning. These IEM are not my thing.
  3. nsahoo

    Pittsburgh, PA Meet Sunday June 26

    Hey guys. I hope the last meet was fun. I was a little too new at head-fi at that time to know about these meets and such things. Any new meet at pittsburgh in the pipeline? Thanks, Nachi.
  4. nsahoo

    which mp3 player should i buy? (non-ipod)

    i have been looking at around 5gb players. dell pocket dj is one option. Rio carbon is another. I like the Creative zen micro for its replaceable battery. Any particular suggestion in <$200 budget and >1gb players?
  5. nsahoo

    Best headphones to go to bed with?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sinbios XD This thread is so dirty. little did i know head-fiers are so .... pervy " i see your true colour " ...
  6. nsahoo

    Best headphones to go to bed with?

    I am getting a e2c by shure. I have a HD600 and the problem with it is you can't roll around while wearing it isn't that sad? correction: I am getting a er6i from finally. I don't know if these iem are my thing or not. I guess I'll not know unless I try them out.
  7. nsahoo

    Best headphones to go to bed with?

    Quote: Originally Posted by DaHoboFest um, iem? whats an iem?
  8. nsahoo

    Best headphones to go to bed with?

    An unusual question! What would be a good (cheap) headphone to wear when you are going to bed? you know for a little relaxation after a tiring day, before you fall asleep. KSC-75 seems close, but, I am afraid that they will break easily. Some thing like a earbud would be nice, but, I...
  9. nsahoo

    software equalizer?

    Quote: Originally Posted by 450 Yeah...but foobar is a good player . There are even ways to skin it like WinAMP if you're used to that interface. I have heard only good things about Foobar2000. But, what if you have to use some other player like Yahoo Music engine to listen to...
  10. nsahoo

    Noise when moving mouse (HDSP 9632)

    Breez has to be right. It IS related to graphics card and possibly the 2d acceleration thing. When I move my mouse around: nothing. When I roll the scroll wheel, it's there. But, it's there even after the scroll wheel has stopped, till the window has stopped scrolling. I use the smooth...
  11. nsahoo

    Sennheiser HD600 has arrived!

    Thanks catscratch for the upgrade path. I realize that I really need an amplifier. But, I thought Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Zs are good cards. Edit: I think I don't fully understand the role of the amplifier. I guess it's not only to crank up the volume. If so then they would be useless when we...
  12. nsahoo

    Sennheiser HD600 has arrived!

    By the way, I love communities like these. Glad to be a part
  13. nsahoo

    Sennheiser HD600 has arrived!

    I am new to this forum, but, incidentally, I received my factory-reconditioned HD600 from Amazon yesterday at noon. These are my first impressions: Sure it sounds better than my previous aiwa hp x-223 (I am getting serious about headphones only recently), but, I was not thoroughly impressed...
  14. nsahoo

    Suggestions for first headphones

    Amazon sells HD600 (factory reconditioned) for $189. You might wanna look at it. I got mine few days back. Looks new to me.