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    Summer 2010 Tool Tour

    huh, so the san francisco show already sold out? just tried to buy ticket on ticketmaster but seems none are available   should have seen that coming!
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    J&R $4.99 CD Blowout

    best CDs I found I already own but highly recommended to all! 2 My Bloody Valentine records and Nowhere by Ride My Bloody Valentine - Loveless in Music: Alternative at My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything in Music: Alternative at Ride - Nowhere in Music: Alternative at
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    BEST ALBUM OF THE DECADE! Argue with it... if you can!

    Quote: Originally Posted by virometal Portishead's Third akin to Chinese dumplings - who woulda thunk it! I wouldn't pick it for the decade but have no problem with anyone that should. It was through and through brilliant. BTW, many Head-Fi'ers weighed in for their album of the...
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    All things Electronic.

    not been listening to much new electronic stuff though finally got around to checking out JME's BBK mixtape series, Wiley's series Tunnel Vision and Umbrella vol.1 maybe will half halfheartedly revive grime thread I made......... not new but a lot of spins on : Total 7 DJ Koze-...
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    Finally; NEW Massive Attack album "Heligoland" coming in Feb:

    I just heard the track Paradise Circus. insane! such good! I don't even like Massive Attack that much to be honest (only ever owned Mezzanine) but maybe I will finally get into them with this record. definitely planning to buy it now YouTube - Massive Attack - Paradise Circus...
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    More Music Like Metric?

    Possibly Pretty Girls Make Graves would appeal? they are more punk to my ears than Metric which I like. New Romance is their most popular album I think and is very good but I like Good Health most.
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    more DRM evilness

    Quote: Originally Posted by krmathis But since you own the CD why not rip it to MP3 yourself? My laptop doesn't have a disc drive on board and sometime it hypothetically is easier to download than to get my USB disc drive out and rip. thanks for answers,
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    Head-Fi 2009 Christmas Gift Exchange Whadjaget? Thread

    my partner was user Dzjudz! I received Dntel- Life is Full of Possbilities Soulsavers- It's Not How Far You Fall, It's How You Land thank you sir!
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    Hiphop/Rap suggestions for newbie

    NWA- Straight Outta Compton Dr. Dre- The Chronic Snoop Doggy Dogg- Doggystyle Ice Cube- AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted this is a very strong west coast start, which makes sense for you since you seem to not like Wu Tang or Public Enemy (I don't really like East Coast rap either, Public Enemy...
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    more DRM evilness

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cianyx Did you do the right thing and downloaded the non-DRM version for free? Ha! sorry to hear about the troubles but glad issues are resolved does anyone happen to know, if I own an album on CD is it illegal for me to download the mp3s from...
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    Top Albums of 2009

    does Resident Advisor do year end lists or just the year end polls? RA: Resident Advisor - the dance & electronic music magazine is interesting to check out a more dance oriented take on 2009 music the House of House 12" Rushing to Paradise is particularly strong, glad it got mentioned over...
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    Dubstep Anyone?

    I'll second Benga- Diary of an Afro Warrior as a good place to start. other favorites of mine include Caspa, Traffic and Joker.
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    2009 - Your Favorite Releases So Far

    Quote: Originally Posted by sgrossklass Make that four. Scores high in terms of originality, only the lyrics are limping along a bit too much at times. I'll also throw in St. Vincent: Actor (Andrew Bird has already been mentioned, I quite liked "Noble Beast", too.) Hard to...
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    What was your best album/cd find of the year?

    best discovery this year would be entire grime genre biggest single album for me within that is Treddin On Thin Ice by Wiley. massive beats are more detached and cold than a lot of american hip hop type stuff, and Wiley's lyrics are great; alternatively playful, introspective, bleak and...
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    More Hardcore: NWA or the Geto boys?

    I'll say NWA too lynch hung has some lines for sure though baby barbecue ribs and guts... YouTube - Brotha Lynch Hung - Black Market
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    any hawkwind fans out there?

    ^awesome, thanks for the very thorough advice will track down Epoch Eclipse! thanks again
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    Acoustic Bands/Albums + Indie/Altern./Emo Recommendations

    try The Mountain Goats. All Hail West Texas is very good album, though lo fi recording (literally recorded on a boom box to cassette tape). Sunset Tree is another good album with higher fidelity.
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    A Journey Into The Strange, Abstract And Dark Realm Of Music

    Quote: Originally Posted by MikePio Hello everyone! I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could list some of the most strange, dark, surreal, abstract, experimental and atmospheric inducing soundscapes known to your ears and soul! This has been my favorite genre of music for...
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    Bob Dylan

    Blood On the Tracks is my favorite album of his and favorite album ever no rush to get through them all, take your time. so many good ones self titled, freewheelin, Times they are a changing, John Wesley Harding, Bringing it all back home, high way 61, blonde on blonde, nashville skyline...
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    Can someone recommend me some Minimal Techno?

    just picked up the new Total 10 kompakt compilation haven't heard any since 6 because reviews have been luke warm but was told this one stands out by a guy I trust recommendation holds! sick so far, and only heard first 5 tracks keep getting stuck and have to re listen. DJ Koze always a...
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    Looking for good Minimalist Electronica

    Kompakt Records absolutely rules hope we can get plenty of discussion and recommendations going here, will post more in depth soon (promise, sincerely)
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    Concert sound preference. Indoors/Outdoors?

    indoors just about 100% of the time. usually smaller, more intimate ,more intensity, sound quality depends more on quality of venue than indoor/out I find not sure I've ever been to a truly amazing outdoor show, but tons of indoor ones for sure
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    What are the fiver most important musical experiences of your life?

    great thread idea 1.) age 16, buying and listening to Blood On the Tracks by Bob Dylan. the first CD I bought basically, started listenig to music very seriously after this. first night I listened twice in a row then a third time later and was blown away. 2.) age 16, friend JBH showed...
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    How much time do you spend organizing your music?

    not as much time as I spend looking for CDs I haven't played in a while...
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    Worst Recording

    How about The Shaggs? try My Pal Foot for example granted, I may be allowing content to influence my opinion on recording quality in this instance.