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  1. Banfi T.

    USB to power an amp?

    I stumbled across the description of the USB standard and there it stays clearly that it can provide 5V/500mA at most. Hey...that is enough for a portable little amp for an IEM. Anyone already tried it?
  2. Banfi T.

    Closed can competing with AKG501?

    Hi all, last night I had to finally accept, that I *need* closed cans because there is to much noise around me (at least till mindnight). Currently I prefer my AKG501 (all ports closed as explained in the "My 501 have bass..." thread). I had the HD-600 and before that the 565 Ovation and the...
  3. Banfi T.

    AKG 271S balanced?

    Hi everyone, my father-in-law use his TV rather loudly so I thought of two preventive steps: 1, He gets a wireless phone for his birthday / this weekend 2, I buy a closed phone Step 1 is organised and about to happen, but step 2 is still a question. I am AKG follower and therefore I...
  4. Banfi T.

    Sennheiser HD-1000?

    Hi there, in this link:ók.htm I found some intresting, and rather old stuff, including a Sennhesier HD-1000. I never heard about it before. Is there somebody who has any experince with them?