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  1. Torula Yeast

    Need help w/my GS-1000's; which wine?

    [Wasn't sure whether to post this in the Headphones forum or the Cables, Power, Tweaks, Speakers, Accessories forum, so I split the difference and posted it here. Mods, feel free to move this thread if either or another forum would be more appropriate.] So, as my sig line shows, I recently...
  2. Torula Yeast

    325i's treble roll-off compared to other Grados?

    So I decided to have a face-off between my 325i's and the GS-1k's, and after some ambivalence over whether the higher end phones justified being thrice the cost of Grado’s aluminum cans, I began to lean toward the 1k’s after noticing what sounded like greater treble extension than the...
  3. Torula Yeast

    GS1000 for a modest rig?

    I know, I know, last week I was asking about the GS1k bowls, but dang it, I'm gettin' twitchy to hear what the 1k's sound like, even though my current set up sounds so sweet I can't imagine how it could sound any better. Now I *know* the conventional wisdom is if yer gonna get fancy cans like...
  4. Torula Yeast

    $45 for GS-1000 bowls; worth buying to mod my 325i's?

    Grado Labs just quoted me $45 to get the GS-1000 "salad" bowls, which I was considering using on my li'l Pestige series model. What do y'all think: Would it be a good and proper investment for my 325i's, or are the bowls they came with the best match for their capabilities (and limitations)...