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  1. radi9red

    Apollo Audio Lab - Woodbolt Earphones with Dual diaphragm driver and upgraded silver-plated cable - Impression Thread

    Hey folks , my 25th pair of earphone (i'm sure there are folks here who had 100s ) just arrived this morning delivered to my doorstep.  Anxiously ripping up the parcel,  I was almost late for work.   Here it is !   Woodbolt Earphone (handcrafted rosewood ) from Apollo Audio Lab.  ...
  2. radi9red

    AKG k370 - the lost dynamic gem @ USD$100 ?? - sonically better than senn ie80 and 70percent match to akg k3003 !!

    AKG k370 - High end in ear headphones   All that music professionals demand from studio headphones – high sensitivity, a wide dynamic range and high sound-pressure levels – is also available in ultra light, ultra portable K 370 in-ear headphones.   ** disclaimer ** All the above were...