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  1. immtbiker

    Official NYC Fall 2015 Regional Meet Impressions

    Who needs music when you have chocolate?  
  2. immtbiker

    Official NYC Spring 2011 Meet March 19th

    OK, all of you spring time NYC meet lovers. We have the same 2 rooms reserved as last year, and like last year, brownies and chocolate covered strawberries will be served mid day. We have the Annex room (outside in the circular drive way) and the D Salon (50 feet away from the Annex room...
  3. immtbiker

    Let it snow, let it snow (Ella and Ray)

    Nor'easter expected to dump 16" of snow from Washington to Boston between now and Monday,    I hope that everyone got new equipment that  can be enjoyed in the next 3 days to it's fullest over the next couple of days while the snow Gods have their fun, and it will enable us to listen to our...
  4. immtbiker

    Received my free Shure E535's from Canjam Raffle

    I have owned many IEM's over the years from Shure. From the E3C's E4C's E5c's and the E500's.   Last Friday I received my E535's from Matt, that I won in the raffle at the Chicago Canjam (see, this why you need to get off your butt and go every year ). I never listen to the E530's but...
  5. immtbiker

    Just got my Exemplar Modded Oppo BDP-83

    Only listened to one CD, but it sounds stupendous! It was modded by John Tucker of Exemplar who is  famous for modding many things, especially the Denon 2900 and I believe the 3910.   The Oppo BDP-83 is a universal player (now I will finally be able to hear SACD/DVD-A/ and HDCD's in my...
  6. immtbiker

    A Full Review: Ray Samuels Audio - The Protector

    Ray Samuels Audio Protector Balanced Portable Amp from Ray Samuels Audio Website: Question? How do you take a portable, semi-small rectangular box that weighs less than eight ounces, stores and outputs music of various types of file extensions, and then, takes the music and makes it...
  7. immtbiker

    Hypothetically speaking, of course

    If you were going to jump, and end it all, what components would you use (remember....last song you'll ever listen too.) Please include music. It would have to be 15 seconds or less. This would have to be the best you can come up with, because it will be the last thing that you'll hear...
  8. immtbiker

    Head-Direct HiFiMan

    A lot of us have been waiting for this unit for a long time. It is the first unt that offers a customer removable amp, so that the customer can cater the DAP to his/her own preference, while encompassing a high quality DAC and transport, all in one while handling Lossless files. I've known Fang...
  9. immtbiker

    Woo WES

    I met with Jack Wu today and picked up his balanced WES electrostat for trial and a bit of a write and after 3 solid hours of listening (Hot Tuna - 'Live at Sweetwaters", Rickie Lee Jones - SACD version of "Pirates" and McCoy Tyner's - "New York Reunion") the word that comes most to mind, is...
  10. immtbiker

    Doing a "Track Day" at Thunderbolt Raceway...

    ...with California Superbike school. I am using on on their ZX-6 machines. I haven't been this excited since I found out what masturbating was. This is going to make everything that I've suffered through in the last year, all worth it. Vrooom, vroom...
  11. immtbiker

    Chase writes me, and tells me my minimum payment has gone up from 2% to 5%

    What??? I have great credit, have always paid over my minimum and have always paid on time. Is it legal to change a contractual agreement between me and Chase by such an insane margin? It must be, otherwise they couldn't do it, although I smell a letter 10 years from now stating that I am...
  12. immtbiker

    My New Toy Can Beat Up Your New Toy!

    After riding my last bike for 16 years (although it is quite awesome and has provided years of trouble free maintenance), my wife and I finally bite the bullet on this beauty. It is the R-10, HE90, and Qualia of motorcycles. Catch me if you can (police officers excluded, with all due respect...
  13. immtbiker

    Pioneer bad news. What's this world coming to?

    Pioneer announced that they are leaving the TV business. Visio is following suit. They make great flat screen TV's, especially the Elite line: Pioneer confirms that it's leaving the TV business | Crave - CNET
  14. immtbiker

    Official NYC Annual Spring Meet Saturday, March 21st

    It's goin' down. The tradition continues. The "First Day After the First Day of Spring" gathering of intellectual audiophiles, and other people too Saturday, March 21st at: The Ramada Adria Conference Center in Bayside, New York Located here: Ramada | Bayside New York Hotel | Bayside...
  15. immtbiker

    IC: Official Annual NYC Spring Meet

    I have been hosting the NYC Spring Meet in Bayside for 5 years running now. If there is enough interest, I will pick a date in April, and we'll run with it. It doesn't make sense to have a poll because there are always people who can and cannot make any specific date. Should the tradition...
  16. immtbiker

    iRiver lowering their prices for the Holiday Season

    Iriver drops MP3 player prices for the holidays | Crave, the gadget blog - CNET
  17. immtbiker

    Grado-Fest at Red Lobster's in Long Island

    Today was GradoFest at Bozebutton's house today. GradoFest featured an all-you-can-listen Grado bar. We have searched the globe for almost 20 years to find only the finest Grado cans available to suit even the most discerning music lover:
  18. immtbiker

    Moderator Inquiry - $$$ Xin-Who here has money or amps being held by Dr. Xin?

    Based upon previous threads, let's get an idea of how much member money Xin Feng is holding onto to, to see if serious action needs to be taken. Before anyone gets defensive or protective, please read the thread below, then add your deficit to the list...
  19. immtbiker

    Moderator inquiry -$$$ Singlepower-Who here has money or amps being held by Mikhail?

    Based upon previous threads, let's get an idea of how much member money Mikhail is holding onto to, to see if serious action needs to be taken. Before anyone gets defensive or protective, please read the thread below, then add your deficit to the list...
  20. immtbiker

    CNET (Steve Guttenberg) blogs NYC Spring Meet

    Lookey here: High-end headphone mania hits New York | The Audiophiliac - A high-end audio blog from Steve Guttenberg - CNET Blogs
  21. immtbiker

    Some of the nicest people in the world are on Head-Fi

    I must admit that at this stage and age of my life, some of the best friends I've ever made in my life, are from Head-Fi. As we go through our lifetime, friends come and friends go but the people that I communicate with on a weekly basis and fly across the country to hang out with are...
  22. immtbiker

    How 'bout dem Giants?

    Oh yeah, oh yeah. Looking pretty. pretty good against the #1 Cowboys. Cowboys joining the Honey-Do league. Next stop...Green Bay!!!
  23. immtbiker

    My favorite couple get divorced! Van Halen/Bertinelli

    Anyone that was around in the '70's/80's probably thought this was the dream couple. He was voted the greatest guitarist 3 years in a row by his peers and she was a beautiful young actress that all young men had the hots for. They were together along time. She always went on tour with him when...
  24. immtbiker

    Recommendation for 5.5G case

    I am looking for some kind of thin case for a 5.5G Ipod. It will always be tethered to and amp via a Headroom velcro band. What kind do you have and what are the pros and cons? Pictures please. TIA