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  1. Poimandres

    Recommendations for first desktop rig. Oppo HA-1, Schiit Mjolnir/Gungnir, Audio GD?

    Looking for some help on my first desktop rig. Looking at the Oppo HA-1, Schiit Mjolnir / Gungnir Stack, Audio GD 10.32, etc? Any recommendations and/or comparisons appreciated. Will be paired with Alpha Primes and Sennheiser HD650's.
  2. Poimandres

    Portaphile Thread

      Customer service is the cornerstone from which a company will build a relationship with it's customers.  From responding to a multitude of questions in a plethora of emails, most of the time within minutes of being sent, to going out of the way to make certain that the customer is ecstatic...
  3. Poimandres

    Intel Xeon Ivy Bridge 1245 v2 for sale

    Brand new sealed Intel Ivy Bridge Xeon 1245 v2 processor. I am selling it because I already placed the order through newegg 284.99 without shipping and ending up dropping by a micro center and purchased a 3770k. My loss is your gain looking to sell instead of waiting to receive a refund from the...
  4. Poimandres

    The Wizard Appreciation Thread - Long Live the Wizard - The former HA Appreciation Thread

     Let me start by stating that I have had an assortment of different IEM's, both dynamic and balance armatures, in the past and as such I have had the pleasure to deal with many different companies in the past few years.  Although I have never had any major issues or problems in my past...