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  1. Koss Rhythm KPH30i

    Koss Rhythm KPH30i

    Retro design Dual-sided hard-wired portable-friendly cable Open-back form factor
  2. QCY Audio QY25 Plus

    QCY Audio QY25 Plus

    Bluetooth 4.1, aptX lossless codec support, 5 hour battery life, neckband design.
  3. Smartomi MOTTO

    Smartomi MOTTO

    Bluetooth Connectivity, Active Noise Cancelling, Universal In-Ear Fit.
  4. Smartomi WIT

    Smartomi WIT

    Bluetooth 4.1 8-Hour Battery Life Earbud Design Built-in Earguides
  5. bpandbass

    Review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Chord Electronics Mojo'

    Putting the Mojo into Perspective:   The Mojo competes more with high-end portable DAC/amps like the Centrance HIfi-M8, the Cypher Labs Theorem 720 (now discontinued), and the considerably more expensive Sony PHA-3. So when considering those competitor prices, the 600 dollar MSRP of the Mojo...
  6. bpandbass

    Review by 'bpandbass' on item 'AKG K712 Pro'

    Allow me to preface this review with some background information.   I have experience listening to different present-day AKGs, including the Q701 Quincy Jones Signature, the K702 65th Anniversary Edition (Austrian-made), the K7XX Massdrop First Edition, the K240 Studio, and the K612 Pro. The...
  7. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Sony MDR R10'

    @TheOneInYellow Well I surely hope for a future with audio that can replicate the listening pleasure of the R10, and not just try to achieve it by boosting the bass, sampling rate, or treble volume.
  8. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Sony MDR R10'

    @xEcuToR I haven't heard the CD3000, but I know about it and how rare and hard to find it is. I have a friend who overhauled a broken down model that was given to him. What I was trying to get at was I thought the midrange was extremely transparent and realistic to my ears. It didn't have an...
  9. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Sony MDR R10'

    @theyazzern Thank you. I try to be as straight to the point and descriptive without using florid language. 
  10. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Sennheiser HD 600'

    Great review. I own the HD650 myself and I appreciate the extra upper treble, smoother upper mids and warm mid bass. But the HD600 has always intrigued me, especially that 90s marbled finish. 
  11. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'AKG K7XX'

    @MilkyShakes I would go for the Schiit Audio Vali for an amplifier. 
  12. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Schiit Lyr 2'

    @G Tone Do you know what model of Rockets yours were? Were they the 6J1P's? I'm looking into getting a pair on eBay but there are a few different versions at different prices. Sounds like you have more than enough power with your HE400s. Have you considered upgrading to the HE400i?
  13. bpandbass

    Review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Schiit Lyr 2'

    Before the Lyr 2 I owned two hybrid headphone amplifiers: the Hifiman EF2A, and the Maverick Audio A1. What both those entry level amplifiers lacked was the power and sonic dynamics to drive my mid-level headphones to their true potential. They were either too aggressive, or too soft and lush...
  14. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'AKG K7XX'

    @Johnlist Well let me ask you this: do you listen to jazz primarily as an analytical thing, or more for the musicality? Because both do jazz well, but the K7XX is more analytical at jazz and if you prefer to listen to jazz more for the technicality of it, the K7XX will likely be your better...
  15. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'AKG K7XX'

    @Baycode I didn't try them with that amp unfortunately. I was using entry level amps such as the Hifiman EF2A, Maverick Audio A1 and Audioengine D1. I only procured the Lyr 2 around the holidays in December, 2014. So I'm unable to comment on its performance with the GeekOuts. But it likes the...
  16. bpandbass

    Review by 'bpandbass' on item 'AKG K7XX'

    To start this review off, I've owned several AKGs, including the Q701 Quincy Jones, the K702 65th Anniversary, K240 MK II, and until a few months ago, the K612 Pro. I was craving another AKG, and before I pulled the trigger on the pumpkin-colored USD 350-400 K712 Pro, the internet bulk buying...
  17. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Headphones'

    For tubes I can definitely recommend the Raytheon 6AK5s.
  18. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition'

     Good review. I have owned both the Q701 and K702 Annies, and the Annies are definitely a dark, slightly thick, intimate sounding headphone; whereas the Q701s are a lean, slightly bright-of-neutral, energetic, quick and airy headphone. Both are equally good. But for me, I prefer the K702 Annies...
  19. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Sennheiser HD 518'

    I'm a little...jaded coming from AKGs, since their sound quality is so different. While the soundstage is decent, AKG soundstage is quite a lot better. I don't disagree with you, the HD518s are a good start for many people, but compared to higher end headphones or equivalently priced headphones...
  20. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition'

    I would agree that the upper mid range is fairly dark, especially compared to the AKG K240 Studios, but that's also what makes the Annies easy to listen to. Sub bass is definitely not any stronger , but the mid bass impact is definitely more than the Quincies.