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  1. waytoodeep03

    Possible to mod Fostex TH-00 to MKII with detachable cables

    I have a pair of Fostex TH-00 Purple Heart where the cable is shorting out. I want to know if it was possible to mod these headphones to the MK2 version that has the detachable audio cables? If so are there any good videos on it or do you recommend shipping it somewhere? If shipping, where...
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    Delete me

    Posted in wrong forum
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    BassHead True-Wireless IEMs?

    I was looking at the sony wf1000 however they are getting hammered hard with negative reviews. So that being said are there any good true wireless phones that have excellent sub bass and bass?
  4. waytoodeep03

    Best portable amp for sub bass?

    is there a portable amp that really helps in the sub bass department? Wouod it he tube or solid state? Sony or something else? I like watching movies but would like a little more oomph with my sub bass through my zmf eikons. Budget is 499
  5. waytoodeep03

    Bluetooth headphones with the widest soundstage?

    I am looking for closed back cans since ill use these at work. What bluetooth cans with the widest soundstage?
  6. waytoodeep03

    Does the A900x have good bass response?

    I am a musician and listen to all kinds of music. I found that with some wide soundstage headphones the Bass guitar isnt heard as prominent as to say skullcandy or some other bass heavy headphones.   I am looking for a great soundstage so with the A900x will I be able to heard the bass...
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    Cheapest price you've seen Dt770's?

    New on the internet?
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    Volume Problem on Sony A816/A818

    I just picked up the A816 yesterday and took it for a test at the gym. One thing I noticed is that on normal setting this thing is VERY loud. However, there isnt much bass to my liking on the normal setting. I go inside to the EQ section and none of the presets are too my liking so I use the...