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  1. eucariote

    Blind test comparison of Magni 3, uDac and Yamaha stereo headphone amplifiers

    People have been arguing about amps for a while, whether they all sound the same so long as they don't suck and add distortion (a 'wire with gain') or if better designed, more powerful amps really do sound better. With the help of a friend, I ran blind tests of three different headphone...
  2. eucariote

    What headphones are Frank Ocean wearing?

    Today's New York Times had a story on Frank Ocean's shirt. More importantly, what headphones is he wearing? I can't identify them, I'm sure one of you can.
  3. eucariote

    Any laptop screen obsessives?

    I've found that laptop computer panels are a lot like dacs and headphones- they are one of the most (*the* most?) important aspect of our sensory interaction with computers, yet computer makers persist in selling only the absolute cheapest panels available, with low brightness, color fidelity...
  4. eucariote

    Closed headphone shoot-out: K271 vs. DT770 vs. D5000 vs. SRH840 vs. SRH940 vs. HD 25

    Introduction I recently purchased a new tube amp for my headphones and set it up in the study. However, my wife and I both work there at nights and I did not want to disturb her with gratuitous rock music blaring from my very open Grado headphones. So I needed a good set of closed cans. I am...
  5. eucariote

    Do Denon AH-D2000 leak too much sound?

    This has been asked before at Head-fi, but the answers have been all over the map. I've collected the answers given to this question, ranging in order from no leakage to excessive leakage, so you can see the remarkable lack of consistency and the reason for my continued confusion: "the D2000...