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  1. Zorander

    Classis Grado RS-1 - Need replacement earpads

    Hi all, The flat pads I had been using on these have disintegrated. It lasted an impressive 12 years. Sadly those are the only Grado pads I owned and so I need a replacement pair badly. I would like to hear from fellow members which pads have worked for you, especially on the RS1. Currently...
  2. Zorander

    Upgrading from Audio Technica CK-10

    Hi all, I have been using these for more than 3 years now and it has been absolutely fantastic. Its cable is a little stiffer now than when it was new and I probably need a back-up in case these suddenly fail (it's my only to-go phones). Firstly, where I'm coming from: I like the CK-10 mainly...
  3. Zorander

    Durable $100 phones for gym use and on the train

    Hi all, My brother is looking for one and has asked me for a a recommendation. I've been out of the loop for quite a while and never even looked at phones with this criteria. He has been using a senn cx-300 (I hope I spelled that right) and was also happy with the hd-25 (cable failure...
  4. Zorander

    Durable $100 phones for gym use and on the train

    Double post. Please ignore or delete.
  5. Zorander

    Speaker cable recommendation

    Hi all, I'm currently using the following setup for my speaker rig: Electrocompaniet DAC -> (Van den Hul The Bay C5 RCA interconnect) -> Cyrus 8 integrated amp -> (QED XTube XT-400 speaker cables) -> Epos M5 speakers I have had the cables for nearly 10 years and the ends have started fraying...
  6. Zorander

    Upgrade GS Solo to SRGII or get the Meier Concerto?

    Hi all, I am contemplating upgrading my GS Solo which I got in 2006. I can send it in for a factory upgrade to the SRGII (or wait a bit until the Ultra-Linear model is available). OTOH I am also intrigued by the Concerto (hoping it sounds nothing like the Headfive that I so hated and sold)...
  7. Zorander

    Moving on from the Er-6i.. where to?

    Hello all, My Er-6i is currently out of commission so I am looking for a replacement IEM to pair directly with my Blackberry Bold 9700 phone. I'm looking to spend US$100-200 (open to used sets from the classified sections). Something with good detail-resolution, bass presence and (perhaps...
  8. Zorander

    Plug broke off in my iPod jack. Help!

    I tried removing the tip (the bit that broke and is lodged in) by digging at it with various small tools but it did not budge. Is there an easy way of removing it or even replacing the jack with a new one? TiA!
  9. Zorander

    Another 'What do I do? Items shipped to me never arrive!' Thread

    Hi all, I purchased some DIY parts from one of the reputable sites often mentioned here. Alas, I have been waiting for more than a month now and nothing has shown up. I am positive they are lost/stolen/etc in transit (quoted delivery time is up to 12 days - obviously this is way past now). I...
  10. Zorander

    Issues w/ Rockbox 5.5G iPod?

    I just got my first iPod and loaded Rockbox onto it right away (never even tried the stock Apple firmware). Aside from the cool ability to play lossless files and interface like a removable drive, I seem to have stumbled on a few major issues: 1) Stutters on .APE files compressed at HIGH (or...
  11. Zorander

    How do you remove the metal caps on the K601/701s?

    Please pardon me if this looks like a silly question to you, but I can't figure out what to use to unscrew the caps on these phones (so I can have access to the innards). None of my tweezers are small enough to get through the holes and sewing pins will undoubtedly snap if I tried to use them...
  12. Zorander

    A solution to free-moving Grado driver chamber!

    I've recently been having an issue with one of my MS-2 driver chamber being too loose and freely rotating. I have always wanted to get those rod locks that Larry is offering but can't justify the cost of sending everything there and back (and the jacked-up price of the rod locks if I don't do a...
  13. Zorander

    Can a new CPU/Motherboard Improve Image and Sound Quality?

    I saw this discussion thread on another board. I'm of the opinion that there should not be a difference but the OP is adamant there is. The rest of the board members (who are mostly PC enthusiasts) can't offer much on this. So it got me thinking: What do head-fiers think? Quote: I...
  14. Zorander

    Enamel Copper

    I just bought a spool of Enamel Copper (product link) and this particular spool looks to be bare metal. No separate coating that I can see. Is is possible for enamel coating to have the same color as copper? Or did I actually get bare metal (yay!)? I also plan to insulate the wire with PTFE...
  15. Zorander

    [Heads-up] 10% discount on all stocks at Jaycar Australia Until 10 March 2007 only though, so be quick!
  16. Zorander

    Can an input level be too high?

    I recently built myself a pair of XLR-to-RCA interconnect so that I can directly connect my Solo to my DAC (previously it was through my integrated's tape-loop - all RCA connection). Configuration is: 'hot' terminal (pin 2) as signal and 'cold' terminal (pin 3) as ground, with shielding...
  17. Zorander

    Who else got a PM 'interested in you'?

    I received a PM from a newly registered member 'love' (check out his/her profile!). It's interesting to see spams being transmitted via PMs (normally it's the domain of emails). Now who else got the same exact message? Quote: interested in you My name is mirian,i saw your profile...
  18. Zorander

    Preferring the K601 to the HD-650 on the Solo - How come?

    Dear Headfiers, Prior to acquiring the Solo amp (with the Creek OBH-21 as my then main amp), I listened exclusively to the HD-650 and regarded it as the best-sounding headphone/combo. Now that the Solo has taken over the Creek's job, I find myself listening more to the K601, which is odd as I...
  19. Zorander

    Cats with fish

    Cats with fish Those crazy japanese are at it again!
  20. Zorander

    Has anyone of you done a cable upgrade for your computer monitor (or even TV)?

    A lot of people are using upgraded cables above the standard copper freebies for their audio gears, but I rarely hear of anyone doing the same to their computer monitor, TV and other visual devices. Is it because the improvements are not as significant for video applications or is it because too...
  21. Zorander

    Want to try some IEMs

    Let me start by saying that I don't own any portable gears (apart from a bulky 5-year-old Creative Nomad Jukebox) and see no future for one since I drive to work. However, I am itching to try out an IEM and am pretty sure I can find a decent use for it both in the office - while juggling...
  22. Zorander

    Where to source sleeves for cables?

    Are there online shops within Australia and even Ebay (international shippers) that carry sleeves usable for audio ICs? I've searched around but found nothing remotely applicable. I am particularly interested in those that look like shoe laces (black) and are predominantly used by most fellow...
  23. Zorander

    MIDI Replay

    Is there any way I can get Foobar to play MIDI files? Since it does not seem to have any native support for it, I've been forced to play them on WMP. Also, is there any way to 'upgrade' the number of playable instruments (soundfonts as is termed by Creative)? One thing I've noticed since...