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  1. James3Toe

    LP Record mailers

    Does anyone know where I might be able to buy cardboard mailers for 12in vinyl records. A local Orange County/LA County store would be preferable as I only need a few, and shipping on these from internet sellers seems to be pretty high.
  2. James3Toe

    Help regarding a glowing tube

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether there is a problem with a tube if it glows with a blue color when powered up? One of a pair I have is doing this, while the other one is behaving in what I would say is normal for a tube (orange from the filament). Should I replace the tube...
  3. James3Toe

    Football's coming Home.....

    I just got home to find out that Liverpool FC produced a great display this evening in Turin, and are now in the semi finals of the European Champions League. Just 2 more victories, and the European Champions League trophy will be in its rightful place....ANFIELD...home of the greatest...
  4. James3Toe

    New Source: CARY 303/300

    I just picked up my new CARY 303/300 and Nordost Vishnu power cable from Upscale Audio this afternoon. I'm planning on giving it some burn in before doing any serious listening, but I am really excited about it. When I demo'd it against the Musical Fidelity A5, it was no contest. The CARY has...