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  1. Nagasaki_Kid

    FiiO is Giving Out 2 Free K3 Headphone Amplifier & USB-C DAC! Wanna win one? Simply reply to this thread on/before 12.12!

    I was an early adopter and had bought the fiio e3 then the e5early on. I also bought the e9 and e7 later on and the d3 to feed the e9. I kinda stopped there.
  2. Nagasaki_Kid

    Cheap ebay 6120A2 amps - any experience with these?

    Quote: The fiio e9 uses opa2134 for the gain stage and tpa6120 as a buffer. This only has a tpa6120. They also used a different cheaper power supply scheme. This might be good for someone looking for something cheap to power demanding headphones.
  3. Nagasaki_Kid

    EarPods - Apples newest entry into IEM

    Quote:       I just did some research and apparently Apple might have dumped Foster for Foxconn for earphone, but I still think they are some type of biocellulose (as paper is bio cellulose). The Taiwan manufacture also aquired some patents from fostex.       Quote:
  4. Nagasaki_Kid

    Sennheiser PX100 . Fake or genuine? Never ending story :) . Photos...

    I had one with black plastic and newer ones with "white" clear plastic. I believe the black plastic ones are the older revision before they switched to ccaw voice coils. They have a bit less treble and more smoother presentation(from memory(I went through the copper then the ccaw version and...
  5. Nagasaki_Kid

    Pocket sized HD radio?

      Quote:   That RDS it's been adopted by alot of stations. It displays small amounts of text such as song title or station name. choices for pocket HD radio is very limited since lack of worldwide adoption of the standard. ZuneHD is probably the best right now. for an upgrade you can...
  6. Nagasaki_Kid

    Sell my Beats for Audio Technical M50S?

    M50 are too pricey over there to consider them a good value. I believe the local rebranding of the fa003 was called lindy premium headphones also goldring dr150 if you don't mind nonisolating headphones
  7. Nagasaki_Kid

    Spider TinyEar IEM Reviews

    Just receive mines today initial impression fairly neutral with a touch a warmth and bass. Still needs a more burn in.  Will post some pics later.
  8. Nagasaki_Kid

    Can I run a USB DAC on Grados without an amp?

    No, most line out have DC offset which while some headphones can with stand for short periods, will lead to the eventual destruction of your headphones. Also loading a dac output with a low impedance grado might not be a good ideal.   Also I suggest buying a amp first.  
  9. Nagasaki_Kid

    best sounding compact upgrade cans over my sony mdr-a10 headphones?

    hmmm... px100-II or px100 beware of counterfeits. frankly the mdr a10 is very entry level I sometimes use a pair for listening to the news on radio while jogging.
  10. Nagasaki_Kid

    is there a large amount of people here who hype up products quite often?

    Frankly any discussion/statement of any product contributes to increasing the popularity of a product. And then it self propagates if it become too popular
  11. Nagasaki_Kid

    Build your own portable AMP

    either the objective 2 or the mini^3 both fits that description
  12. Nagasaki_Kid

    is it really worth it?

    For something like earbud you won't see as much of a improvement as you would with a fullsize can.(better go with the bass boost for iem)     As for the build it vs buy it cmoy debate:   advantages of building:   control over quality of components(you can add more expensive/rare...
  13. Nagasaki_Kid

    Etymotic HF5 opinions

    If you're coming from the d2000 the sound signature would be vastly different. You'll probably first think they are too thin and lack the rich bass and mids of the d2000. If you use the hf5 exclusively for a long period It'll start to sound better after adjusting to the sound signature.
  14. Nagasaki_Kid

    Upgrade KOSS UR-40 under warranty or not?

    Okay skip the pro3aa (heavy and hard to drive) UR40 are well regarded here they use 60 ohm koss drivers that are nice. Alternatives koss headphones to consider UR55 or UR50 DJ100 portapro  
  15. Nagasaki_Kid

    Why has Sony not produced anything similar to the MDR-R10?

    Quote: I'm still waiting for them to bring back the eggos for a 3rd time #fingers crossed# 
  16. Nagasaki_Kid

    HPA labs Cmoy from ebay...any good?

    smd cmoy everything is surface mounted so no opamp rolling, but in theory smd opamp would provide better bandwidth also I see caps for bass boast but no switches so the bass boast might be permanently on.
  17. Nagasaki_Kid

    Sharing a memory with you all :)

    I just happened to be listening to an sr60 out of a d777 discman with a denon d950 nearby while reading this.
  18. Nagasaki_Kid

    Fiio E10 mods

    No that would be a very complicated mod. Look into the fiio d3 or wait for the fiio e17
  19. Nagasaki_Kid

    Spider Gives Away 20pcs "TinyEar" Micro Driver IEM

    thank you! I look forward to enjoying these.
  20. Nagasaki_Kid

    Skullcandy Aviator Dampening

    try blutack that stuff is like magic or dynamat if you feel like spending more
  21. Nagasaki_Kid

    IEM >$50 are nonsensical

    That's nice, your wallet is now perfectly safe now. No upgratis for you.