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  1. Podtweaker

    So, how far away are we from seeing 64g CF cards that are reasonably priced?

    I'm kind of torn between doing a HDD to CF conversion or going to a larger HDD drive. The larger HDD route has'nt been as easy to accomplish as it first appeared. The CF conversion appears to be a lot less trouble! The only thing is a lot of what I listen to has been averaging about 2gigs per...
  2. Podtweaker

    Zif cable for Toshiba HDD 1813 mk1231gal?

    Has anyone had to get a 40pin zif cable for this HDD? Which one did you get & where did you get it from? (Ones that were sucessful fits, Thanks!)
  3. Podtweaker

    Changing a HDD to cf flash in portable player;Who's done this?

    I have this phonomenal little player called the Korg MR-1 that someone mentioned that they switched over from the 20g HDD to a 32gb cf . Could someone walk me through how to do this?
  4. Podtweaker

    Korg MR-1: Can this be used as a portable player?

    I occasionally see mention of this minature recorder being used as a portable player. I've gone on the website to take a look at it & I can't see how you would transfer music files to it unless you recorded them yourself. Is this the extent of it's capabilities to be used as a portable player or...
  5. Podtweaker

    A little tip for easier removal of tight fitting 9v batteries

    I decided to switch to a lithium 9v battery in my Zen Head portable amp instead of using an alkaline 9v. The lithium battery is very slightly longer about 1/64" longer but (which is actually the more critical dimension as there is no room for play in the compartment) it appears to be almost a...
  6. Podtweaker

    Anyone have their Zune 120 yet ? Any differences in performance from the 80 ?

    I can imagine I will get responses from those who will say( most of whom won't actually have tried the 120 yet) "The only difference is the larger drive" . While this may be true, as far as the parts are concerned, in the real world even newer generations of the older models are significantly...
  7. Podtweaker

    LOD for Zunes'; No-one has reversed egineered one yet ? How about converting the headphone out jack to a line out ?

    Don't get me wrong I really like my Zune, but as w/ most massed produced DAPs I don't see why it couldn't be something really impressive in sq terms. Anyone know of other websites where discussion of higher level sq implementations are being tried on DAPs ?
  8. Podtweaker

    Zune 80g ; How many owners hear absolutely no(nada,zip,zero) drive spin-up noise using sensitive IEMs?

    Having previously used flash players I may have mistakenly assumed that the slight drive noises that I hear before a track starts is the nature of all mini drive based players. Am I incorrect in this assumption. While the player does sound great amped & silent w/ phones I still want to know if...
  9. Podtweaker

    Player noise through IEMs on Sony A829 is gone using TAH amp!

    I don't how many of you are using an amp when using IEMs, but I know that I will from now on. I'm using Westone UM2s , it was'nt a matter of whether they were efficient enough all I know is the music appears to be much more dynamic & the UM2s are a bit "warmer". I listen to wav files on the 829...
  10. Podtweaker

    Any firmware updates for compressed lossless support for the Sony A820 series yet ?

    I have a lot of CDs that I've ripped to WMA Lossless the Sony re-encoded the files to 320kbps because it is assuming these are protected files. Sony (pay attention now) these are not original protected files they are compressed from uncompressed lossless files. Why would you make this assumption...
  11. Podtweaker

    So the only modded DAP is the IMOD?

    I see many inquiries about whether anyone has come out w/ an LOD for other players but no one seems to be curious about what mods can be done to improve their players. I received an Ipod as a Christmas present a few years back(hence, my username) & not until recently did I explore other players...
  12. Podtweaker

    How about a tip thread ? I'll start with this one.

    While using the hold switch on your Ipod to keep it from coming on ,if you have it in your pocket & are not listening ,don't forget to switch it back to normal position when you are through using it for the day. The hold switch will drain a small amount of charge from the battery even with the...
  13. Podtweaker

    Does the Sony NWZ-A829 support WMA lossless (or any form of lossless for that matter) ?

    This player looks pretty interesting to me,but information on lossless file support is non-exsistent. No support for lossless in any of these players is an absolute deal breaker for me. Thanks!
  14. Podtweaker

    Wishlist for a no compromise DAP: what would you like to see?

    There has to be others besides myself who would like to see a DAP capable of playing non-compressed digital ! I would gladly sacrifice some miniturization for a player with less high quality storage/playback compromises. Does no one else think that having to compress their music for the sake of...