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  1. maverickronin

    Analogsurviver cage match!

    A thread created for discussions with analogsurviver so as not to derail other threads in Sound Science.   Inspired by manbear.   Now let us continue.  Last we were discussing electrostatic amplifiers...
  2. maverickronin

    "More" on the subscriptions feed stalls on the 4th click.

    I can't see all my subscriptions because the 4th time I click on the "More" at the bottom it just shows the loading symbol and never loads the rest.   It happens in both Firefox 9.2 and IE7 on Windows XP, the two browsers I have on this machine.
  3. maverickronin

    The subscription feed auto-update won't stay paused...

    I just noticed the subscription feed auto-update won't stay "paused".  I think its annoying so I've had it "paused" since it was introduced but now it doesn't remember its setting.  If I pause it again and refresh the page it unpauses itself.  It also unpauses itself if I click on a link to...
  4. maverickronin

    Objective2 Mini-Review and Discussion

    Yes, this counts as mini for me.  I’m prone to rambling...   Since Lord Voldemort was kind enough to send me one of his Objective2 prototypes in return for being one of his loyal minions (or maybe just giving him some useful advice from a different perspective) I figured I should write up...
  5. maverickronin

    Looking for Software or Hardware for Real Time VST Processing with WAV/DirectSound Input and Output.

    Anyone know a good way to do this on Win7 x64?  I'd like to be able to apply EQ, crossfeed, and what not to all audio from my PC.  That means WAV and/or DirectSound input so it works with everything from games to YouTube.  Not just MIDI or ASIO.   I tried using VSTHost in conjunction with...
  6. maverickronin

    Help on the Care and Feeding of Woodies

    I didn't see any relevant looking threads on the first 9 or 10 pages for the searches "wood wax" or "wood polish" so I I figured I'd start my own thread and ask.   I've got a pair of D5000s coming in tomorrow and I was wondering if there was a consensus on how best to protect the finish.  Is...
  7. maverickronin

    Cheapish Tube or Hybrid Amp

    I'm looking for a cheapish tube or hybrid amp that can drive both low and high impedance 'phones properly. I want something versatile like that, since I'm currently use my SE530s for everything, and am shopping around for a pair of full size 'phones at the moment so I don't  know what impedance...
  8. maverickronin

    Where O Where Has My Avatar Gone

    And everyone else's for that matter...   I just added mine back, will it disappear again?
  9. maverickronin

    Player with TV Interface/GUI

    Does anyone have a recommendation for music software that has a tv style interface. I currently use Zoom Player, which works great except that only lets you browse by folder, not a tag database, because its primarily a video player anyway. I tried jriver but didn't like it at all because it's...
  10. maverickronin

    A DAP not riddled with bugs for a reasonable price?

    Right now I have an aging Rio Karma that only half works. The HD and battery are dying, the scroll wheel is flaky, and it only remembers half its settings when you turn it off. I just want a simple audio player that works and sounds good. I'm trying to find something to replace it but...