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  1. Monir

    Yulong D100 vs Audio-gd NFB-3 for HD650 and PRO900

    I've been considering this for a while now and can't seem to reach a conclusion. It's fairly difficult if the product is not near at hand to demo. The Cambridge DacMagic Plus is quite popular and even exists in my local hi-fi store from where I demoed it and found it to be overly bright, just a...
  2. Monir

    Where to buy an isolation transformer for European outlets?

    Does anyone know a place where one could purchase isolation transformers with 200-240V input/output? Mind you I'm looking for relatively cheap transformers, so something that can be compared to the Tripp Lite, which has 120V and NEMA5-15R outlets. The price on these units is what I'm able to...
  3. Monir

    How to prevent amplifier from picking up interference from computer?

    For a long time now I have been trying to cure the buzzing that occurs at medium-to-high volume when the amplifier is connected to my PC. This is not a hum that sounds like the typical ground loop at either 50hz or 60hz. This is an electric hissing noise with occasional clicks, and a high pitch...