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  1. takezo

    Corrosion an issue for Sony R10 Magnesium Frame?

    here's something i haven't seen on these boards: how do owners of the sony mdr r10 headphones deal with corrosion from humidity or seashore conditions? i may be mistaken but it seems sony used magnesium alloy in fabricating the head band frame. but the weird thing is that there seems to...
  2. takezo

    New in box Sony MDR R-10 at yahoo japan auction

    here's a rare treat for those with the budget to spend. there's a sony r-10 on auction at yahoo japan auction site with less than 24 hrs to go til close. seller claims "virgin fresh" unused set still in its original factory cardboard box with the carrying case and headphone inside that's...
  3. takezo

    Q: Tube tester meter readings

    hello, i have a general question about interpreting what a meter reading means. this is in regards to a "replace-?-good" meter reading on a solid-state tube tester made in the early 70's. i've been told that if the meter needle goes to the middle (?) region during a tube reading, then...
  4. takezo

    Your method of "burning-in" a portable amp

    i was just curious as to how most of us audiophile-brethrens go about burning in our favourite portable amps? i usually plug in the dc adapter, connect the source and headphone...although i've heard you don't really need the headphone...not sure on that...set volume to normal and play the...
  5. takezo

    Please recommend cans for double bass music

    my favourite instrument is the double bass and love the way it's played by eddie gomez, lafaro, mcbride, and gary peac*ck. which head sets convey this kind of bass playing best on cd? i love definition and precision over boomy sounds. thanks in advance.
  6. takezo

    Emmeline XP-7 Any Opinions on this unit?

    i'm about to pull the trigger on this unit made by RSA but very interested to hear some feedback from others who has had hands on experience with the SQ/sound characteristics. i'm using an imod as source and HD600/ATH-W1000. thanks in advance.