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  1. xluben

    xluben's FiiO E11 and PA2V2 Photos and Review

    I just got a FiiO E11 and also dusted off my PA2V2 (that I got nearly 9 years ago!).  I decided to take some photos, and I will post some more thoughts and comparisons once I have done a bit more listening on both.     First here are some photos of the FiiO E11.  I got the package on Amazon...
  2. xluben

    xluben's Shure SE215 Photos and Review (vs. Shure e2c)

    After many years of owning the Shure e2c, I finally decided to get some new earphones.  I ended up getting a pair of Shure SE215's.  They were used (found on the forum), but in great shape and a great price.  They just arrived today.  For now here are the photos.  I will follow up with initial...
  3. xluben

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm's Just Arrived!

    I got some Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm headhpones today!  They were a gift from my brother (he has a pair).  I have wanted these headphones for quite some time.  I really like how comfortable they are, and I think they sound great.  He got them "refurbished" off eBay (not from Beyer...
  4. xluben

    Shure SE215 vs. Shure e2

    I currently have the Shure e2's. I've had them for several years. They're still in very good shape and are used occasionally for working out and other general use. Before these I went through a handful of earbuds $100 and under as well as both the UE 5Pro and UE 5EB. I also had some of the lower...
  5. xluben

    Skullcandy Titan Initial Impressions

    My wife was in the market for some new in ear headphones. She wanted something cheap, small, comfortable and fun to listen to. NOT a critical listener. Everything is listened off of her iPod Nano. Often it is audiobooks and TV shows as much as music. In the past she has been happy with...
  6. xluben

    cheap 6.5" driver w/good bass (IB)

    anyone know of a 6.5" driver with good bass response? only catch is that it has to be cheap ($50 shipped for a pair would be nice) these are going in the rear deck of my car to handle bass duty (no subs). i know this is the wrong place to ask, but i'm not a member on any good DIY...
  7. xluben

    koss ksc75 hard case

    i just found a new hard case for my ksc75's (w/35 clips): it's actually what some type of mary k facial soap comes in, but it fits the koss phones very well.
  8. xluben

    car audio anyone?

    i was just wondering how many head-fier's are involved in car audio? since i got my br-1's and a new car, i have moved away from headphones and become more interested in car audio. i wasn't really using my 5eb's so now i've gone to a pair of shure e2's for portable use around...
  9. xluben

    dayton br-1 vs. best buy insignia

    how would these compare? i have the br-1's: but i've been reading a lot of good things about the insignia's: i think these may make a good gift idea, but i was wondering if...
  10. xluben

    Recommend me a CHEAP bike!

    My current bike is on the way out, and I need something new to get me around campus. Doesn't really matter what features it has as long as it's got at least one working brake, doesn't even have to have more that one gear i don't need shocks or anything else fancy. I do NOT want to spend more...
  11. xluben

    DIY Laptop (Dell) Car Charger

    Would it be possible to (easily) do this without risking damage to my computer? I have the lighter adapter that I can take apart. I'd need to find the correct plug (Radioshack?, center positive/negative?). The wall charger it comes with says 19.5V, 3.34A. Would it be OK to just feed it...
  12. xluben

    Finished my DIY Subwoofer Remote

    I originally posted this in the DIY forum, but I thought the speaker people may have some interest: Here was my problem: Quote: Right now I have a dual 2.1 setup with a pair of Dayton BR-1's in the Main terminals of my reciever and a pair of Panasonic satellites in the Remote...
  13. xluben

    Got my Dayton BR-1's (Pics)

    After spending a night in my apartment's office I finally got my packages from Parts Express. Free shipping and it only took two days! I'm sure the first thing you will notice is how un-ideal my listening situation is But that's all I have right now, so I'm gonna live with it. Right after...
  14. xluben

    Subwoofer Hum/Grounding Issues

    Tonight I unhooked my Marantz reciever and thoroughly cleaned it (inside and out). I hooked it back up and now there is a noticeable hum from my subwoofer when nothing is connected to the AUX input (but the cable is inserted). Let me explain the circumstances in more detail. No hum ("or"...
  15. xluben

    Fixing a TV

    My brother has this TV: And when you turn it on the power light just turns orange and nothing happens. Anyone have any easy ideas on how to fix it? (He has a multimeter and knows how to solder, etc).
  16. xluben

    My Latest Accomplishment

    That was on Monday. Then I beat it again today! No wins in over a year with my 4G, and now I beat it twice on my new 5G. Both times I started in my Econ class (boring) but didn't finish until I got home. EDIT: And it's a real pain once you know you won but you have to move all the...
  17. xluben

    Cheap Bookshelf Speakers

    If some of you remember my recent post I was searching for floorstanding speakers for under $300. I was pretty set on some cheap JBL's, but I think I've come to realize that if everyone was telling me to just get bookshelf speakers maybe I should. I am very low on cash so I figured maybe I could...
  18. xluben

    Fixing an Office Chair's Base

    My roommate had this chair: and recently the base broke. He has already gone out and bought a new more expensive chair (along with the 3 year replacement plan), so I get the old one. This chair's base has a hole through it, and...
  19. xluben

    iPod Dock Pinout

    Using this pinout of the iPod dock connector: Could I just pop open the dock connection part of an Apple included cable, solder to the correct pins and get, line out, video out, charging via firewire, etc. I think I'm gonna re-do my DIY iPod dock...
  20. xluben

    DIY case for my new 5G iPod

    I just got a 5G iPod and while I wait for my Invisible Shield to arrive I decided I had to make some kind of case for it. I first took off the "Don't steal music." plastic, but left the cling-on, and then got a sleeve from my old iSee 20GB case, and cut the sides and then re-taped them, to make...
  21. xluben

    Thoughts On My Budget System (Sony Reciever and Fluance Speakers) What do you think? Is there something better that costs the same or less?
  22. xluben

    New UE News @ Macworld

    Quote: Originally Posted by iLounge Ultimate Ears: The premium headphone company was teasing its upcoming line of headphones, which will be the renamed version of its present 3 series. It also plans additional announcements for later in the year. Following our discovery...
  23. xluben

    Using Express PCB for a CMoy

    After readin up on how to make your own PCB's I decided I'd try and make a CMoy layout. I am basing my design of Guzzler's (one-sided) CMoy PCB. This is what I have so far: Here's my problems: First of all, I can't figure out how to design my own components using ExpressPCB. I would...
  24. xluben

    Tightening up a Ported Subwoofer

    A few years ago I bought a cheap ($300) Panasonic Home Theater in a Box, and wasn't happy with the bass, so I bought an RCA subwoofer from Radioshack. It's a 12" 200 watt powered sub with adjustable crossover. At the time it satisfied my need to obscene amounts of flabby bass, but now I'd like...
  25. xluben

    Bass Boost CMoy v2

    Well, I have decided to give up on my current Bass Boost CMoy which I made following these threads: I have made up a new and slightly different layout for my bass boost circuit...