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  1. PouncePony

    2GB Sansa Fuze - $22.99 @ Woot

    Refurbished 2GB Fuze @ Woot for $22.99 + $5 shipping. -Pony
  2. PouncePony

    Zune 30GB on Woot $79.99

    Woot has recertified 30GB Zunes for $79.99 - Woot : One Day, One Deal (SM). -Pony
  3. PouncePony

    My 32GB Flash IPod Mini

    Let me un-highjack the "Cheapest 16GB ogg-enabled player thread. I've replaced the 4GB micro-drive in an IPod Mini with a 32GB compact flash card. Here is where the idea came from. IPod Mini - eBay purchase, $50 total A-Data 32GB compact flash card - from NewEgg $135. High capacity...
  4. PouncePony

    New Zune @ Newegg - $99.99

    Newegg has was appears to be new browns Zunes in stock for $99.99. -Pony
  5. PouncePony

    Zune back on Woot for $99.99

    Refurbished 30GB Zunes are today's Woot. They have black, white, and brown available for $99.99. -Pony
  6. PouncePony

    NewEgg Extended Warranty

    Does anyone have experience or information on Extended Warranties available from I know that it adds a year to the end of the manufacturers warranty, but don't know how the warranty works. I'm thinking about getting a Rio Karma and would like to have an extended warranty. I have...