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  1. Kirosia

    Anyone ever work as a legal intern/administration assistant?

    I recently interviewed for a paid internship position at a small law office (personal injury and debt collection), and will interview as an operations associate for a retirement/benefits firm (accounts receivable-related I think). Any of you have experience in either position and/or field?
  2. Kirosia

    AT&T buying T-Mobile USA   This.. may not be good. 
  3. Kirosia

    Computer help needed: DVD Decrypter keeps crashing

    Worked a few days ago, now the program shuts off randomly, usually within a minute or so. I've only seen a few errors, one saying Äccess violation at 000000 (something like that). Tried system restore, re-installing, updating Windows XP, didn't work. Any ideas?
  4. Kirosia

    Need advice regarding potential Paypal dispute

    Last month, I purchased a month-old iphone 4 from a user on a different site via Paypal. The seller claimed the iphone 4 was in immaculate condition, with not damage or dead pixels or any sort. The device took over a month to receive, the seller claimed it was almost stolen twice, with the exact...
  5. Kirosia

    Middle-aged women keep striking up conversations with me

    This has been happening quite a bit, often at the most random at times. This week alone, a south american women began speaking to me while at Starbucks. I told her I was Cambodian, she told me she loved our mangos. As I was leaving my interview, a woman born in the '60s (she told me) accosted me...
  6. Kirosia

    Best Windows program for ripping individual DVD tracks?

    I'm looking for a program to rip specific DVD tracks (from a music DVD) in order to combing different tracks from different DVDs. (A mix DVD) 
  7. Kirosia

    (US) Free 1-year Amazon Prime membership for college students

    Not sure if it's been mentioned yet.
  8. Kirosia

    Day 42

    I wouldn't mind being a robot: Superhuman strength, near indestructibility, and no useless emotions. At least, until some spunky kid comes along decides to try and teach me how to "love". Go play baseball or something you little twat!
  9. Kirosia

    Learning Database Management and other IT/Finance-related skills

    I realize I need some new skills if I want to get a job. Any good websites/books/forums on how do stuff like Database Management and Finance/Accounting (took the latter in college and aced, but forgot most of it... might still have textbooks)? Recommended computer software? Any other useful...
  10. Kirosia

    Good Entry-Level Business-related Jobs?

    Kirosia is looking for work in Massachusetts, and he has little idea of what jobs to apply for. So far I've only looked into project management and operations, but I'm open to anything with a good career path. I'm an International Business Major with no field experience, decent GPA (3.6), and am...
  11. Kirosia

    Wireless Router

    I'm going to purchase a low-end wireless router so I can use my laptop, iphone 3g, and possible future electronics at/around my apartment. I've been looking at newegg and this is the one I'm close to deciding on:   I'd...
  12. Kirosia

    Used car for under $4000?

    I'm looking at getting my first daily driver. My short list currently consists of old model integras and civics. I've been driving my dad's auto SUV for the past six years and I would like to try and learn stick. Any recommendations, I live in MA and my budget is 4K including maintenance...
  13. Kirosia

    Business Suit and Tie

    Yeah, I'll apply and hopefully interviewing for work (business field) in the near future. Any recommendations for a suit and tie? Color? Type? Brand? (Budget, trying to keep it under $500 for the set)
  14. Kirosia

    Is it possible to be in love with someone you barely know?

    There's a girl. When I'm near her, when I talk to her, when I see her smile, my heart skips like crazy. I thought it was just a crush. But I see myself "with her", something that's never happened with anyone ever. My heart refuses to let go even though her's belongs to someone else. I am not on...
  15. Kirosia

    Citing articles found on online websites in APA format?

    I'm doing a research paper, and my professor stated that I haven't been citing and doing the bibliography in proper APA format. I followed the guidelines from this website: Purdue OWL For example how would create a reference for this...
  16. Kirosia

    Bad retail site in the vein of amazon/

    I'm doing a project on retail websites, and I need a really poor retail website (bad interface, poor graphics, lacking user profiles/digital wallet, etc) to compare to better sites like Amazon. Any suggestions?
  17. Kirosia

    Weird video issue with PC

    I got back from school and for some reason there was no video on my monitor. My PC was still running, and I didn't get a "no video signal" warning either. I did a hard restart and it's working fine now. I'm not sure if I've ever had this issue before, and the event viewer isn't really telling me...
  18. Kirosia

    Question about MIT Grad school admissions (for a friend)

    One of my classmates wants to go to MIT for operations research, and he's having hard time getting real info from admissions. He has four electives for his last undergrad semester, and was wondering if he needs to take certain math or science classes. His highest math is Pre-Calculus, highest...
  19. Kirosia

    How messed up were you in High School

    It's said that people often have an exaggeratedly positive view of their younger selves, particularly their image during High School. (The arguable high/low point of one's youth) I.e. you remember yourself as being more popular, mature, and attractive than you actually were. So my question...
  20. Kirosia

    Is gaming detrimental to your PC hard drive?

    I'm always hesitant to play new games, in fear it's bad for my HDD. Is it that much worse than downloading files or watching 1080p video?
  21. Kirosia

    What is Happiness?

    My whole life I've wanted to know true happiness. Yet all this time, I've never actually considered what would constitute "happiness" for me. A great career? A beautiful intelligent wife? A shotgun that shoots swords? I always just thought "Get outta the ghetto, and you'll find it". But damn...
  22. Kirosia

    Leather conditioner?

    My leather (I believe) chair has been cracking/ripping, and I need something to prevent further damage. What's a reputable product (and hopefully inexpensive) I can use?
  23. Kirosia

    Display question for Dead Space PC owners

    I have a 4:3 monitor, can I display the game at a widescreen resolution in full screen mode? I mean, with black bars added to fill up to the dead space. I'm asking because I can only seem to get widescreen to display properly in windowed mode.
  24. Kirosia

    Playback issues with .TS files

    My computer can't seem to play .TS files properly. The video/sound skips and sometimes freezes at certain intervals. The ones I have are 1440x1080i and 1920x1080i. I'm using windows media classic, I've tried different decoders and nothing's helped. System specs: E8400 2GB ram Radeon HD4850...