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  1. Head_case

    2x more computer memory - is it worth it?

    A computer question here. I'm looking at a new Mac which comes with either 4GB or 8GB memory, at a cost of around US$60 extra. I use Photoshop (energy intensive) and Dreamweaver, as well as listening to Spotify and surfing, but nothing else like videos. Is it really worth the extra?
  2. Head_case

    Where can I get my Ultrasone Pro 900 cable reterminated?

    It looks monster long doesn't it? Well I'm really happy with my Ultrasone Pro 900s for just about everything - except portable. That's where the Sennheiser HD25 Mark IIs wins hands down, particularly with its tiny 90 degree angled 3.5mm jack plug. With the portable amp, any criticism of its...
  3. Head_case

    Recording Vinyl LPs to Digital format: DUHHHH!!! I'm soooo thick!!!

    I can't believe it. Since I started travelling more and relying more on an iPod or mini-disc to listen to music, I've only been listening to vinyl at home. I've been looking for a vinyl LP ---> digital format means on the go. Firstly, like most of us, I've been looking at a USB vinyl...
  4. Head_case

    People suddenly disappearing? Email known?

    Short question - wonder if anyone can PM me a quick answer. Lingling1337 suddenly vanished mid-message! I'm not sure what the forum etiquette is. If it's safe to do so, can anyone let me know his email address? Thanks!
  5. Head_case

    Loving the Mini-Disc player! The cassette player too...

    Hey guys, Well after trawling here for amp info for a few months, here I am, realising that I don't have a clue about the new iRiver; iMod; Hi-Fi-Man, Zune or whatever new digital music media there are. For years, one of the things I love about my Sony WM-DC9 walkman is that I can vary...
  6. Head_case

    How do I use a DAC?

    Numpty of the year award must come here! Well I got a cheap Musical Fidelity X-DAC thinking that this is what I need. I'm planning to transcribe my vinyl LP music to either mini-disc or computer, and somehow I thought I needed this. When I got it, I can only see two digital inputs, and...
  7. Head_case

    Variable unregulated power supply for TTVJ portable amp - okay?

    The TTVJ Milletts portable amp I bought doesn't come with a 240V charging unit so I bought a 240V ---> 110V AC-AC convertor. It's a Sunpower UK Ltd MW2PO45 230V 50Hz to AC110V 45W output. It runs very warm though. Is this a safe option to use with the original 110V charger? The portable...
  8. Head_case

    Broken CD player - repair in the UK?

    My Onkyo CD player is broken. It doesn't spin or move any disc when loaded and just registers Track = 0. It just started doing this so I presume the starter motor or something is gone. My old Technics portable discplayer from 1992 is also doing the same, but fires up, spins a bit, then...
  9. Head_case

    Steepletone Roxy 3 Portable Record/CD/MP3 Player?

    This is really a lo-fi post. I came across this whilst looking at a cheapo record player with cd player unit (the Murphy TCD-68 series) and found this one which is miles better Can't find any reviews anywhere but I really dig the retro styling in cherry red plastic It's not going to...
  10. Head_case

    Recommendations for remastered albums (Vinyl LPs or CDs)

    What remastered and original albums have you got that are worth recommending? I had U2s original Joshua Tree album on CD. It sounded thin and compressed with a lot of fuzz in the guitar parts of tracks like 'Where the Streets have no name'. So I bought the vinyl LP. It wasn't any better...