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  1. preproman

    Can anyone confirm this is a legit place to buy these headphones from?
  2. preproman

    Audio-gd Ref 7.1 or Bryston BDA-1

    How does these two DACs compare to each other.  The insides of each are very different.  Does less = more, or does more = better?                
  3. preproman

    Little Dot MK VI+ / VIII SE or Woo WA22

    Which one is a better fit for high impedance headphones - Senns / Beyers?   Which ones are a better fit for low impedance headphones - Grados?   Which ones are a better fit for HE-500 / LCD2?   Does the Little Dot offer a better price per performance bargen?     Is the Woo WA22...
  4. preproman

    M^3 question

    I have a mixture of headphones, both high and low impedance.  What is the best way to have the M^3 configured?  Medium high and low impedance, or high one way and low the other way.  Please explain.
  5. preproman

    DAC Shoot Out...

    DAC's 2K and under.  What are some of the best out there in this price range?   Audiolab 8200CD W4S DAC-2 Audio-gd DAC 7.1 Lite DAC-83 NAD M51   What are you thoughts?
  6. preproman

    Bedside \ Night stand rig?

    Looking for a good neutral (Like the GS-1) all in one HP amp \ DAC to go on my night stand and that will drive the phones in my sig.     I was looking at the DACmini, Burson 160DS, Audio-gd Sparrow.  Any other suggestions?
  7. preproman

    W1000x or Edition 8

    Looking for a closed phone to be listened to in the house on the (GS-1)  I already have the D7000, I need one more to compare.  I heard the Edition 8 was better for outside use (iPod I guess) . 
  8. preproman

    Audio-Technica ATH-W5000 or Audio-Technica ATH-W1000x

    Which one of these are the better buy for around the same price?  Don't have a chance to audition before purchase.  Jazz, Jazz Vocals, R&B, Looking for tight bass with a sharp punch..
  9. preproman

    HeadAmp's GS-X

    I would like to know is this amp still regarded as a good choice for a SS amps?  The phones used will be D7000, AKG Q701, HD650, T70, Pro 900   Other recommendations are welcom.  Thanks.
  10. preproman

    DACs - Where are they??

    I have my eyes set on a few good amps ie.. SPL Auditor, Woo WA2, M1 HPA, Asgard and a few others.  But what are some DACs that will pair well with these amps.  Phones:  T1's, HD650's, Pro 900, Q701.
  11. preproman

    Any good deals on Denon AH-D5000's

    Any one know where I can get a good deal on a pair of AH-D5000's?  
  12. preproman

    Have my Phones, now I need a amp....

    Hello all,   I'm pretty new to the forum..  I have been collecting a few new Headphones ie..  AKG Q701, Ultrasone Pro 900, Audio-Technica ATHM50S and yes the Beats by Dre Detox lol...On the list is The Sony MDR-SA5000 then later on a few higher end phones like the T1's and the HD 800's and a...