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  1. DDKL

    ATH-M50 is better than Sony MDR7506

    I felt like there wasn't enough information available for more comparisons between these two excellent cans. This is just a thread meant to be informative based on personal experiences; you may feel free to reply or ignore it, but for those who are still struggling between these two headphones I...
  2. DDKL

    Soundcard for ATH-M50 for gaming

    I would like to expand the soundstage of my ATH-M50 for gaming. Is this possible, and if so, what sound card do you recommend? My budget is $100.
  3. DDKL

    I need a jack-of-all-trades headphone

    Getting right to the point.   Used for:   -producing music, especially electronic. -listening to music for pleasure (obviously) -gaming (counter strike, horror games, etc.) -closed-back -analog, not USB -as flat as it can get -soundstage not too important, but sure why not...