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  1. BotByte

    [Review] Yamaha EPH-100, The "I Just Want To Stay Friends" Affair

      Yamaha EPH-100   Review   Disclaimer: What I say and what I mean to say are just opinions of my own. What I might say and what I might mean to say are also opinions. Don't take it out on me, for what my fingers press into the keyboard.   My story:   I'm not a big audiophile. I...
  2. BotByte

    The Speed of Light had been surpassed, and ya'llz Physics classes are wrong.

    It seems that the Speed of Light, what is the limit of space+time travel, has been broken.   So E=mc^2 is total BS   Source   Discuss.
  3. BotByte

    Cheapest Custom IEM?

    I've been looking at Custom IEM's for a time now because:   1. I have ears that get irritated easily if the universal fit is bad. I mostly turn to Fullsized for this reason. 2. I like the IEM's portability and overall constant sound. 3. I'm cheap 4. I don't want to use my UE18...
  4. BotByte

    Reading Music

    I need some music to listen to while I read.   I read a lot, 6+ hours a day and Medeski Martin and Wood are getting boring. I all their live and studio albums on random and I'm growing bored of them after 100+ replays.   Best that works: Classical - more powerful and less minimalist...
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    [REQUEST] Custom Earpad Tutorial for FullSized Cans

      Disclaimer: (My excuse) This was a request from a few dozen people who wanted me to explain the method of how I made my own earpads for full-sized headphones. Because I feel this is a DIY project but best if posted in the Fullsized forum, I decided to post here as a full-sized thread...
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    Just got my HD598's, What's the burn in time?

    Got them   The black UPS driver wearing a cowboy hat, listening to classical music delivered them about an hour ago   So, what's the burn in time?   I'm questioning this, because at the moment they really don't beat out my Grados and can't touch my T50RP's by miles. The separation is...
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    [REVIEW] Fostex T50RP, it's been needing a Review

      Fostex T50RP Review   Disclaimer: I am not an advertiser or do I work for the Fostex company and/or HeadFi. I wish to voice my opinion on a set of headphones and wish to enlighten people about these headphones. By no means I wish to insult anyone by doing this. Aka: My Opinion!  ...
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    Grado ReCable help needed

    So I'm starting to heavily modding my Grados   I'm mainly doing a recable but I want to put a 3.5mm jack on one side and cross over the cable to the side through the headband.   Here's my problem: Do I have to drill to put the 3.5mm jack in on one cup?   I've seen other mods using...
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    Your Favorite Cans

    I'm looking around for some new Cans, I just want to know what you like and also include why you like them the best.   Personal pics get extra points!     My Grado SR80i I got them as my first HIFI cans and can't love them enough. You can see I have Senn HD414 earpads that are not...
  10. BotByte

    DIY Foamies???

    Just a question, how or what would you make some foamies from for some IEMs?   Yes I googled it, nothing came up.   I was thinking a pair of those ear plugs with a nice hole cut down the center would fit pretty well.   Any other ideas?
  11. BotByte

    Best Headphones for wearing while away from home?

    It's kind of a difficult subject, but I'm looking for some full sized headphones I could possibly wear around when I'm at college. Mostly so that I could keep them on my neck and flip them up when I wish to listen to music (IEMs in when in class under my hair)   I have my Grados, yet they...
  12. BotByte

    Help buying Cowon s9/j3 8, 16, or 32 gb?

    I'm going to buy a Cowon PMP, either the s9 or j3   But I have a few questions:   1. What is the difference between the s9 and j3 (other then the battery, expansion, and looks)   2. I'm willing to buy a j3 8gb with a 16bg card, but should I fork out for the 16gb with 16gb card? ($35...
  13. BotByte

    Which connection do I use?

    Looking at:   I see that he makes interconnects   But I need to ask about which connection point I put right or left on?   My arrows are green, which to i use to connect the left and right...
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    Any recommendations?

    I listen to a lot of music   mostly stuff to make people move or think, lots of rush   Here is some of my favorite artists:   John Mayer - His live stuff, different then his studio Muse Rage Against the Machine Red Hot Chili Peppers Audioslave   I have a mean addiction to...
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    Help with my newest build?

    The Idea: Grado sr80i (brand new)   With: grill popped out and replaced New, cut, and reversed pads Bayer headband mod   but here's the problem child:   I want to put a detachable 3.5mm jack on one side, and send a cable to the opposite side Like in this pic:   I...
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    Sansa or Zune

    I have a maximum of $200   I can buy a Sansa clip 8 gb with 16 gb card, case, 3 year warranty for $100   or   I can a Zune HD 16 gb, case, and 3 year warranty for $200   I will be hooking them up to a pv2v2 and Grado sr80i with good interconnects   Do zune users like their...
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    Need help buying headphones

    So Here I am.   $50-$150 to spend   I want some headphones, over head with portable amp   I was looking around and found Grado S60i or Grado SR80i with FiiO E5 amp for $90-$120 I'm wondering if this set would be good for what I want.   I like the look of the Grado and the...