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  1. xkonfuzed

    Audio stores in Germany?

    Hey everyone, So currently I'm in Stuttgart, Germany for a few weeks and im looking for some audio stores where i can audition headphones. I have been here for about a week now, found a big electronics store that sells a lot of Sennheisers and AKG (usually their mid to low-fi stuff) and some...
  2. xkonfuzed

    Using a USB DAC with PS3?

    I'm trying to setup my DAC (Hifimediy sabre) to my PS3 using USB, but it doesn't seem to work. Has anyone tried this before?
  3. xkonfuzed

    Difference between Gold-plated and Silver-plated jacks?

    Can someone explain the difference in SQ? I was curious about why Gold plated jacks usually cost more, so is there a difference in sound?
  4. xkonfuzed

    Basshead IEMs with good fit

    Basically looking for very bassy IEMs with a good fit for running and exercising. Unfortunately I'm limited to $100 only (I'd prefer if it was less).. I don't mind leakage at all nor do I care about isolation. Need something that will dig deep in the sub bass and have enough rumble to satisfy...
  5. xkonfuzed

    M-Audio Q40 Full Review + ATH-M50 Comparison

    This headphone really surprised me. It hits the perfect balance between bass quantity and quality. Now, let starts the review:   Setup:    Foobar2K > Aune T1 (6992EH) > Q40 HTC One/iPad > FiiO E11 > Q40           Build Quality/Design:  These actually look pretty good. Of...
  6. xkonfuzed

    Nismo Nissan GTR announced!

    Nissan recently announced their new Nismo edition GTR which apparently has 600hp and more torque than the original GTR. It's also lighter and handles better. Nissan claims it will do 0-60mph in 2 seconds flat which is astonishing. They ran it on the Nurburgring track and it did 7:08 seconds...
  7. xkonfuzed

    Sony MDR MA900 Full Review + Comparison with DT880

    This thread will contain a full review of Sony's MDR MA900 and a comparison with the Beyerdynamic DT880.  *I am not a native speaker, so if you notice a grammatical error or any spelling mistake, please notify me* First, let me introduce myself and start off by listing the genres of music i...
  8. xkonfuzed

    JVC HA-S500 Paint Job (First DIY experience)

    Well, i kind of but not really sort of succeeded in my first DIY experience. I did make some minor errors here and there, so try to learn from my mistakes. Nevertheless, it was fun. No regrets .   Materials used:    1 Blue spray paint.    A heck load of papers and tissues.   A newspaper...
  9. xkonfuzed

    JVC HA-S500 or V-Moda Crossafde LP?

    I've been looking at some portables recently for working out and jogging. I needed something bassy with rolled off/unfatiguing highs. After some research those are some options: Crossafde LP HA S500 Will the jvc's have enough bass for me? (Kind of a bass head) And more importantly, which will...
  10. xkonfuzed

    Sennheiser Momentum On-Ears Announced!

    Sennheiser Goes On-Ear with the Momentums!   Recently, Sennheiser have announced their new On-Ear Momentum. They will come in 4 different colors: blue, green, pink, and ivory.    This is how they will look like:          Here's a link to the product's...
  11. xkonfuzed

    Need good portables

    My ATH-WS55's cable got yanked while I was on the treadmill at the gym. I need something very bassy with possibly rolled off highs. Midrange recession is ok. Need it to be portable/durable and if it has a detachable cable well that's a plus. Budget: under $100. Remember, sturdiness is the...