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  1. fjlabs

    Dethonray Pegasus SG1 - BT DAC/Amp Combo (Shipping soon)

    According to distributors, Dethonray is going to start shipping their new BT DAC/Amp, Pegasus SG1, this month! I have the black color on order, hoping to put out some impressions soon and compare to the Honey H1 and iFi GoBlu. Specifications: Input Bluetooth only Output 3.5 Single...
  2. fjlabs

    Toslink + Coax to USB Converter?

    Is there any such thing as a Toslink or Coax to USB converter? I've only really been able to find some going the other way. I have a few digital output sources like the Airport Express that only output via Toslink and would love to use my USB only DAC's with them.