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  1. musicmaker

    End game dac under $3k

    Headphones: Sony Z1R, Fostex TH900 mk2, Possibly Utopias in the future Amp: Violectric V281 Looking for a end game dac under $3k. Must be balanced. I value soundstage and a neutral presentation faithful to the source without being analytical and cold if that makes sense. Looking for a full...
  2. musicmaker

    Help me pick a transportable headphone

    I've narrowed it down to the Fostex TH600, Beyerdynamic T5P, Ultrasone Signature DJ.   Which one would you pick for a transportable setup (iPod, cypherlabs solo-db, Larocco PRII mkII)    My priorities are great sound (separation, staging, deep well defined bass, treble without siblance)...
  3. musicmaker

    DIY supplies source - Help

    Any advice on where to source these in the US:   Viablue mini Stranded pure silver wire (have looked at plussound but they are out of stock. Does toxic cables also sell wire for DIY) Stranded copper wire high purity (have some Jena, plussound had some, any other options)  Mini USB connector...
  4. musicmaker

    Back on head-fi. Amp recommendation please

    hi folks, back after a bit of a break from head-fi :-)   Just sold my beta22 and would like to try another amp to go with my Edition 8 and Buffalo dac. Have been looking at the Rudistor RPX-33 EV-08. I feel a bit out of date as there seems to be a bunch of new players in the last year I've...
  5. musicmaker

    B22 volume knob suggestions

    The last couple of days have been great. Firstly my builder informed me that my B22 is ready. Secondly, I was able to buy a nice PRII mkII (I sold and sorely missed it). Here are some pics of my B22 which I should be receiving soon. One small cosmetic change I'd like to make to...
  6. musicmaker

    CD3000 replacement pads

    I'd like to get the earpads on my CD3K replaced. Was able to find them on ebay for $20 but these are not the original pads. I an get OEM pads from Sony for about $46. Have any of you tried the ebay pads ? Are they good or should I just go for the original Sony pads at 2x the cost ?
  7. musicmaker

    Amp(s) you regret selling

    Ever sold an amp (portable or desktop) and regretted the decision ? Well I have. Portable: Larocco PRII mkII. As much as i hated the company, i loved the sound of this amp. Miss it. Desktop: RSA XP-7 What are your favorites you sorely miss ?
  8. musicmaker

    Anyone tried Wonder Wire ? Any good ?

    I came across Wonder Wire which seems to be a silver clad copper core wire. Page Title Anyone tried this for interconnects ? Inputs appreciated.
  9. musicmaker

    Which SS/Discrete amp out of these with HD600 ?

    folks, I'm looking for a Solid State/Discrete home amp (no tubes or portables please) to pair with my HD600 w/ APS v3. I already have the LISA III w/LLP so I want something that sounds even better. Considering the following home amps: - Corda HA-2 mkII SE (leaning towards this) - KICAS...
  10. musicmaker

    ATH-M50 or HD25-1 II ?

    I'm looking for a good portable headphone. The following attributes are important to me: - Detailed sound with tight well defined bass - Isolation from external noise (I'd like to be able to use on plane) - Prefer circumaural over supraaural I currently have the HD25-1 II and they're...
  11. musicmaker

    Options for stranded Copper wire with teflon or PE insulation ?

    I'm looking for pure stranded copper wire in 18-22 AWG with clear teflon or PE insulation. Choice seem to be quite limited. There are 3 options I know if - Vampire CCC - i use this quite regularly for diy interconnects and like it a lot. Only complaint is that wire is a bit stiffer than I...
  12. musicmaker

    LOD & Interconnect wire advice

    I'm trying to source wire for a LOD / interconnect project and have some questions. (a) Will there be a sonic difference between the Vampire 22AWG stranded vs Jena 22AWG wire ? The vampire is a lot cheaper than the Jena but less flexible. (b) Any other recommendations on pure copper...
  13. musicmaker

    iQube vs SR-71 anyone ?

    i have an iQube and absolutely love it to pieces. I've also heard great things about the SR-71. I've read some of the amp reviews that talk about these amps but has anyone done a head-to-head comparison of these two ? Any inputs would be appreciated.
  14. musicmaker

    mini to mini IC recommendations

    I'd like to make a mini to mini interconnect. Looking at a 4 wire litz braid terminated with canare F12 mini plugs. I was going to purchase mil spec 28 AWG silver plated copper teflon wire from navships (ebay) and had a few questions: Is 28 AWG a good choice ? Is SPC going to sound harsh...
  15. musicmaker

    Upgradetis - Opinions please

    Here's my current setup: iRiver ihp-140 (optical out)-> HR microdac (line out)-> Larocco PRII mkII (headphone out) HFI-780/HD25s I'm actually v.happy with the setup. It sounds great. So good that I sold my home setup and decided to stick with my (reasonably) portable setup. But I'm...
  16. musicmaker

    iBasso D1 DAC vs Headroom Microdac - any impressions ?

    Has anyone compared the dac sections of the iBasso D1 (with upgraded opamps) to the Headroom microdac unit ? If you have heard both, I'd be interested in your impressions on sound quality.
  17. musicmaker

    Which is better ? Xin Reference or Larocco PrII

    Could someone that has heard both the Xin Reference and Larocco PrII comment on the which of these two amps they prefer sonically and why ?
  18. musicmaker

    Which is the better value ? AH-D1000, HD25 or DT770 ?

    Considering buying one of these shortly. Which of these (AH-D1000, HD25 w/ HD650 cable or DT770) represents better value for money in your opinion ?
  19. musicmaker

    Todd is fantastic !

    Just a quick note to say how very pleased I am with Todd's service. He is a pleasure to do business with and knows his stuff. He strives to make his customers happy. Excellent service such as his is hard to find nowdays. I ordered a couple of products from him -- most recently, a senn hd650...