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  1. lin0003

    Aussie & NZ Head-Fiers Corner

    Geez, gone for half a year and this is what I come back to... $6k DAPs and $4k IEMs...   Glad I got out of the portable section.    I remember a time where $10k AUD would get you a decent SR-009 rig, compare that to the AK380 + Layla.    I'm willing to bet my HD800 rig picks it apart and...
  2. lin0003

    Aussie & NZ Head-Fiers Corner

    Couldn't stay away forever right? You know you want them h20, one day you'll be sick of your IEMs and decide to move to HD800s :wink:
  3. lin0003

    Aussie & NZ Head-Fiers Corner

    Does anyone want some SuperDupont Resonator mods for their HD800? I'm going to get some so if you want some as well PM me. 
  4. lin0003

    Review by 'lin0003' on item 'Brainwavz S3'

    Brainwavz S3 Review First I’d like to thank Pandora from Brainwavz for sending me a review sample of the S3. By now, I’m sure that members of the Head-Fi community will be quite familiar with Brainwavz. They have really established themselves and are on the way to becoming one of the major...
  5. lin0003

    Review by 'lin0003' on item 'Brainwavz HM2'

    Brainwavz HM2 Review   Brainwavz is a brand that I have had quite a lot of experience with, having reviewed quite a few of their products. When they came out with the HM2, I was rather intrigued and curious as to what they could do with a budget headphone for just a mere $50. With many...
  6. lin0003

    Echobox Finder X1 Titanium Earphones Tour (Australia + NZ)

    So I've just received a pair of X1s from Gilly down at Echobox and I'm sending them out on an Australian and New Zealand tour. I haven't had much time with them yet, but they sound like they are very crisp and slightly bright IEMs. Quite an interesting earphone, I've never really heard anything...
  7. lin0003

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    Looks great, especially with that aftermarket strap. 
  8. lin0003

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    Quite the decision between this and a Rolex Sea Dweller, but I didn't want to go too mainstream. Rolex seems too common nowadays...
  9. lin0003

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    Yeah, the Strix is the GTX970, there's an i7 4790, 16gb ram and the motherboard is an MSI gaming 3. 
  10. lin0003

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    My first PC build, pretty average compared to some of the other stuff on here. 
  11. lin0003

    Best Portable amp to run HD 800 ?

    Have a look at the Hugo, a lot of people like the pairing. 
  12. iBasso Audio P5 Portable Amplifier

    iBasso Audio P5 Portable Amplifier

    Main Features: - Three Channel or Four Channel compatible architecture design. - A total of 8 gold-plated DIP sockets for OPAMPs and Buffers allowing for opamp or buffer rolling. - 3 Gain settings for impedance matching. - Bass boost to enhance bass performance. - Powered by dual 9V batteries...
  13. lin0003

    Need Help on < $1000 Headphone EDM/ Movies (Needs Bass)

    If he wants bass, the LCD-2 might be worth a look. Honestly, I find them very overprice though. 
  14. lin0003

    Headphone amplifier

    Haven't tried any tube amps for IEMs. 
  15. lin0003

    Reviewers wanted - Sound Blaster products   Here is my review of the Roar 2. 
  16. Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Portable NFC Bluetooth Speaker with aptX/AAC (Black)

    Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Portable NFC Bluetooth Speaker with aptX/AAC (Black)

    SOUND BLASTER ROAR 2 Smaller. Lighter. Sexier. All of the Classic Sound Blaster Roar’s killer audio signature in an even more compact size. Pushing the boundaries of speaker miniaturization even further, the Sound Blaster Roar 2 is 20%* more compact than the Classic Sound Blaster Roar, while...
  17. lin0003

    Headphone amplifier

    The iBasso P5 is the best portable amp for IEMs I have heard, it is well worth a look. 
  18. lin0003

    Headphone amplifier

    What headphones are you using? 
  19. lin0003

    In car USB, better SQ if upgrade from IPOD to ????

    There won't be any discernible difference, and if there is any difference, you probably won't be able to hear it over the car noise. 
  20. lin0003

    New iBasso Portable Amp/DAC: iBasso D14 "Bushmaster"

    I don't think any DAP in the same price point can compete with the D14 right now, you need to factor in the extra cost that goes into a DAP.    The AK100 MKII is not as good as the D14, it isn't quite as good as the DX90, and the D14 is better than the DX90, so the D14 is a pretty big step up...