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    Reply to review by 'snapacap' on item 'Sennheiser HD 600'

    These headphones deserve every positive review they get. 
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    Review by 'snapacap' on item 'HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset for PC & PS4 - Pink (KHX-HSCP-PK)'

    I've been asked for recommendations for Gaming Headsets. People who do not want an external mic, or can't have one. People who don't have a ton of spare cash to blow need options too. For a closed-back gaming headset; the Hyperx Cloud II is my highest recommendation.   MSRP: $100   First...
  3. HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset for PC & PS4 - Pink (KHX-HSCP-PK)

    HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset for PC & PS4 - Pink (KHX-HSCP-PK)

    HyperX Cloud II features a newly designed USB sound card audio control box that amplifies audio and voice for an optimal Hi-Fi gaming experience. Pinpoint your opponents' location in the game and strike before he sees you coming. This next-generation headset generates virtual 7.1 surround sound...
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    Review by 'snapacap' on item 'FiiO E10'

    If you don't have a DAC or Amp, this is a great place to start. I started off my over-ear audio journey with the Sennheiser G4me Zero (150 ohm) I immediately realized by immense lack of bass that they were not being driven correctly. Being the jobless scrub that I was, the only thing I could...
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    Nice! That was even better imo. Thanks!
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    That song is pretty good! I actually laughed at the video. satanists are so strange.
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    Review by 'snapacap' on item 'Garage1217 Project Polaris'

    Holy Crap! A 5 star review from Snapacap?!? What is this?????    Anyway, I would like to thank the community here at head-fi. The helpful people over at the HD600 impressions thread recommended this amp to me. I simply asked for something more powerful than a Fiio e10 for an incoming pair of...
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    Review by 'snapacap' on item 'Superlux HD-668 B'

    Following the HD600s, I had simply obtained the Superlux 668b as a point of comparison and reference, as it is a well know and popular budget Headphone. My brother also uses a pair that he swears by (unless he is borrowing my SHP9500). The simple truth is that the Superlux 668b cuts through...
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    Reply to review by 'snapacap' on item 'Sennheiser HD 600'

    Also, if it interests you, I wrote a full review of the HD650:
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    Reply to review by 'snapacap' on item 'Sennheiser HD 600'

    I will do my best, but to be fair, I didn't get to try the HD650 with the Polaris amp, so it is not really a fair fight.
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    @mike138 These are a no-go if you are interested in soundstage. Personally for that I would say HD700, or Fidelio X2. HD650 is a much closer sound to the HD558 than those, and coulkd also be a good option.
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    Reply to review by 'snapacap' on item 'Sennheiser HD 600'

    I will put that on the list of future things to try. I have also been told that the Bottlehead Crack with speedball is worth my time as well!
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    Review by 'snapacap' on item 'Sennheiser HD 600'

    This is by far the closest I have come to writing a 5 star review. Of course to get that, I would have to find the holy grail of headphones for me.   I had tried the HD558, HD598, HD650, and HD700 and figured I would simply fill in my knowledge gap. I had no intention of keeping the HD600 for...
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    Review by 'snapacap' on item 'Status Audio CB-1 Closed Back Studio Monitor Headphones'

    I'll try to keep this compact and to the point!   Sound: Thank goodness for quality sound under the $100 price point! The overall balance is very neutral. The overall theme and highlight is clarity! The sound is fed directly into the ears, and there isn't much soundstage, but it is noticable...
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    Review by 'snapacap' on item 'Sennheiser HD 598'

    For me the HD598 was a hope that I could get nearly the same sound as the HD558 with more comfort. In short, mission mostly accomplished.   Impression/build/: The first thing I noted straight out of the box is how premium the HD598 looks (SE version) and feels The headband is bound by...
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    Review by 'snapacap' on item 'AKG K7XX'

    I got these from the forum. They are First edition.   Looks: The look is slick. Big earcups, all black, clean look. (though not important, who wants headphones to be ugly?)   Build: I very much like the overall build. The earpads are pretty good. The material is not uber cushy, but has a...
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    Review by 'snapacap' on item 'Philips Fidelio X2'

    This particular pair of X2 appear to have glue only on the pegs, not anywhere else. Sound like all other good X2.   So I get the box in the mail, and upon first inspection I notice that you might have to run over these with a car to destroy them. Plenty of metal to go around.   Looks: I like...
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    Review by 'snapacap' on item 'Pioneer SE-A1000 Lightweight Audiophile AV Over-Ear Headphones'

    I think it is fair to say a quite a few of us have watched a ZeosPantera review and immediately emptied our wallets. This is one of those times.   When I first received these I was prepared with HM5 velour pads in hand and am glad i was. The first thing i noticed was how useless the stock pads...
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    Review by 'snapacap' on item 'Sony MDR-ZX300 Headphones '

    These were my daily driver headphones for a few years in middle/early high school. I bought them in the black/dark grey color scheme I used these when I obtained my first computer that pushed enough power to anything other than surf the web. I had cheapo desktop speakers which didn't sound very...
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    Review by 'snapacap' on item 'Koss KSC75 Portable Stereophone Headphones'

    I am gonna start this where it should. These are the best thing in audio I have found at the price-point. I recently took all the headphones I have access to, and basically did a shootout. For audio quality, these came in third out of about a dozen. The Koss KSC75 came out ahead of the...
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    Review by 'snapacap' on item 'Sennheiser HD 558'

    In my endless search for headphones that fit, and fit, are comfy, and satisfy my sound tastes; my dumbo ears have led me to very few outlets to choose from. I chose to try the Sennheiser 558, as it gets rave reviews, and such. Before these, I had good, but not great experiences with Sennheiser...